Thursday, January 26, 2012

easing into the new year...

We have settled in well with the new routine at the new day care. I am leaving a little later in the mornings, which is great as things are no longer as rushed as before. I am able to get ready at a decent pace and enjoy breakfast and coffee at home. It does mean lots of morning and afternoon traffic though, but so far things have been manageable. The boy seems to be adjusting well too - still clingy most mornings, but it does not seem to be a matter of wanting to leave, more of wanting me to hang around. But I generally leave quite soon so as not to make things harder for him (and me).

We also started at a new swimming school two weeks ago and things are going great there too. He is now having one-on-one lessons. Generally he seems to co-operate, but sometimes he will just refuse to do something – this week it was blowing bubbles, which was according to him “sleeping”.

The Big Boy Bed is going well too. It has been over a month now. He has gotten out a couple of times. He is quite a funny one – the first night he walked into our room really slowly and then ran to me open armed. This week he walked into our room backwards... I had to laugh, he then turned around and ran to me open armed (again, it is cute) with the biggest grin on his face. He also talks in his sleep, which I used to do when I was little. Last night he kept asking for hi iPad, “I want iPad, I want iPad, I want xxx’s iPad”.

This year has started off with a bang - we have been busy busy busy. I have a few weekend play dates lines up (this weekend, another the following weekend, two second birthday parties, a baby shower, and a camping weekend (what am I getting myself into!). This has been slightly intentional - wanting to get out there and socialise more. The camping trip - well, that is another story. Camping is so not my thing - but I was told that my boy will enjoy it, and that apparently it is going to be fun and really relaxing. I will have to see about that... Generally I am excited about it that is when I am talking about it and thinking about all the fun I could have, but then when I have time to sit and think I wonder what on earth I am getting myself into!

CGMS needs to go on again. This time with a LOT more discipline. I had a little shock when I got another box in December from my local pharmacy - there price was substantially higher than the postal pharmacy I use for my pump supplies.


Marcia (123 blog) said... Best Blogger Tips

wow, a bang is right.

Love the images of the boy walking around at night :), yes on the camping. I would lOVE to know how you experience it.

Talk to Julia who is a camping convert.

BTW, you two should meet!