Wednesday, September 29, 2010

basal testing aaaaargh!

I have yet to wear a sensor for the full 6 days (there I was thinking I will even push beyond!).  I inevitably forget that it is there, and then manage to knock it out - either with darling C when playing around, or just banging into stuff.  Very expensive I tell you!  And then yesterday I tried all day in vain to get a sensor connected, but the pump would just not cooperate.  eventually had to ditch that one too.  Must have been a dud one, because this morning's one connected just fine.  And I thought that I could finally get going with my afternoon basal test!  Boy was I wrong, as my blood sugar has other ideas.  I delayed breakfast a bit and my 2 hour spike of 12 kept rising and rising, so I had to correct and I had reached my "cut off time".  I am a bit disappointed.  hopefully tomorrow will go better - but I am opting for a different slightly higher protein breakfast.  Hope that will do the trick (oh no, just realised I have a work lunch / snack function... well, will see how I feel in the morning).

I hope to get some things done before I see my Endo.  I have finally mustered up the courage and will make an appointment.  On Monday I will go for bloods - HbA1c.  And some additional - thyroid, a full blood count and ESR, and iron studies.  I have had iron issues in the past, and was suspecting it may be what is causing slightly more than usual tiredness at the moment (although it could also just be stress or something....).

While I am not much of a hot summer gal, I am really welcoming the warmer weather.  Makes for better outings over weekends with C.  He loves the swing, so any opportunity I get I put him in one.  He just smiles and giggles up at me.  Too cute!

1 months to go before the big 1!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

a little update

I cannot believe that in just about a week C will be a whole 11 months old. It has been, but far, the most exciting, tiring, happy, scary (and a whole load of other emotions) year of my life.

My boy is growing well. He now weighs about 9.2/3kg (he was 9.1 about 2 weeks ago, so that is my guestimate....), and about 73cm long, from his 2.3kg and 45cm birth weight and length. He is crawling ALL over the place (started crawling at about 9 months), and standing and cruising around the furniture. Cannot believe how fast they are able to crawl! He cut his first two teeth on his 10th month birthday, and so far there are no signs of the other teeth at all.

He is sleeping well, except when he is blocked up. Goes to bed about 19:00 and up at about 06:00. He is doing great at the daycare, and seems to love playing with the other little ones.  Mom also likes the daycare, but like all moms find, I have a few little niggles.  However, the love they seem to have for the little ones far outweigh those.  My issues really are negligable (things like - they have not given me back all his clothes and I am running low on vests etc.  Get this - they don't send back dirty clothes!  How awesome is that :))

Feeding is going great - with 3 full meals a day, 3 bottles, and a couple of snacks. I moved him onto a straw cup from the sippy about 3 weeks ago, and it is going well.  He is however starting to show some preferences and at some meal times he can be a bit hardheaded.  I guess it may just be payback time for me, as my mom has told me in the past what an issue feeding me used to be.

Unfortunately he came down with something this weekend again - he got a fever and after trying some meds etc. to get it down it carried on rising and reached 39.7 by the time we got to the doctor.  He is now on his second round of antibiotics this month! I have found the "sick" parts the most difficult to deal with (the snottiness (due to the allergies) has practically become a way of life - we deal with these quite well I think), as most of the time I think I am not even aware that anything is wrong until he is in too much discomfort. He generally does not act "sick" - once I got to the doc for something unrelated and he turned out to have tonsillitis and middle ear infection. These are the times I feel like such a bad mother for not reacting sooner, but other times I am not really sure how to react, for fear of seeming to be a little bit of a control freak or a "too worried" mom. I know that I am supposed to "trust my instinct", and truth be told that this is what has helped on many occasions.

Despite not feeling too great the weekend my folks enjoyed spending time with him.  they live about 2 hours away and we had decided to visit.  I think my mom feels as though she is missing out on a lot (and I guess in a way she is).  I really need to make a little more of an effort.

Oh, and diabetes this weekend - Diabetes 1, Me 0 :(

Friday, September 10, 2010


Well, I kind of feel as though I am swimming in work, swimming in all the things I need/want to get done at home, nearly sinking at times...  But that is not what I wanted to talk about.

We have been thinking about swimming lessons for our little terror (only because he kept me up last night, and then this morning at 4 he wanted to play - literally!) for some time now.  And I guess with summer fast approaching it has been on my mind a lot more lately.  Now I was thinking - what a great activity for dad and son to do together on a Saturday morning.  But dad had other ideas....  He thinks it would be the perfect opportunity for mom to learn to swim - I know, shock horror...  Well, it is not that I can't, but I can't.  I can keep myself afloat, get from one side of a pool to the other in some way or another, probably save myself from drowning if I fell in a pool, but I have never had proper swimming lessons (and it is highly unlikely that you would find me "swimming" in public.

So now I am trying to talk myself into doing it - because it probably would be a good thing for me too, right?

Monday, September 6, 2010

sick days

What a weekend this has been....

On Friday I left work early to see to my boy.  When we got home he did not seem to bad and played around a bit.  His temperature was still a bit high, but seemed to be coming down.  I gave him another dose of paracetamol and let him sleep a while.  We spoke to the paed who also thought it could just be the teething, but could also be some sort of virus.  She suggested we watch for any other symptoms and call her if things changed.  Later in the afternoon his fever hit 40.3, and I made the call again.  But she had already left for the weekend and the receptionist took some details and said we need to get it down, and he needs to see someone.  She gave us the name of the paed on call for the weekend.  N was home by now so we decided to call his uncle and took C to see him.  So we got some meds for pain and antibiotics to clear him up.  He has a middle ear infection (again) and his throat was also inflamed.  He also thought that the anti histamines we have been using was probably keeping the symptoms at bay too.

The rest of the weekend was better - Friday night was a little bit of hell though.  Last night he also seemed a bit uncomfortable so I will see how he copes today.  It is so heart breaking watching him cry in pain when there is nothing you can do!

So that was pretty much my weekend.

Friday, September 3, 2010

quick update

Life has been, well, hectic.

This is just a quick update, as I am about to leave the office...

My boy cut his first tooth on Saturday, and the next one on Wednesday.  He was a real trooper, only slightly miserable.  But last night he ran a fever, sleep was a bit "disturbed", and then this morning he seemed fine again.  But I have just got a call that he has a fever again...  Pretty sure it is probably related to the teething - I don't really know.  Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be better.

Blood sugar has been okay, but I can see the effect work stress has on it. I wanted to continue basal testing - still have some to do, but have not gotten round to it again.  I tried another sensor last week, but managed to "dislodge" it after a day or so.  I need to try remembering that it is there!