Friday, July 30, 2010

a trip away from home

I was nominated for something at work (no prizes or anything like that, it is just to kind of be the person in our division that is aware of a larger organisation project which will be taking place over the next couple of years, or something to that effect anyway).  And well, the start of this is a workshop that will take place in Johannesburg over three days.  Which will mean 3 nights away from home for me.  In a week and a half!!  Now, I have known that this was a possibility when I returned to work.  But I never really thought about it, or expected it so soon.  And while I can probably try to get myself out of it (which is probably not really a good thing in the grand scheme of things), a work trip is bound to happen at some point in the future - so I might as well get over it now....  I cannot actually believe how much it has been on my mind since yesterday.  Dropping C off at day care that first day I returned to work after a whole SIX months was much easier than I anticipated - people told me how hard it was for them, how they cried all the way to work...  I had no such problem, dropped him off, kissed him good bye, and off I went.  But a few nights away from him is sounding a bit daunting at the moment.  I am sure it is all going to go down without a hitch, but I cannot help but wish I did not have to do this!

I don't do these trips that often, but often enough for me...  I am not that familiar with Joburg, so it can be very lonely when I am there for a few days.  I stopped traveling during my first trimester (after I think about 3 trips) because at times those trips were just way too stressful and I did not want to add more stress to my life as it was.  At times it seems as though there are lots of meetings and workshops to attend up north, but then a long time can pass before it is necessary for me again.  I also remember traveling to Joburg once when I needed a day 21 blood test done at the start of our fertility journey - a day trip, this one planned well in advance, and then my body decides that now is the time...

Looking forward to this weekend.  We have a brunch at the day care tomorrow.  N's friend's baby is being baptised on Sunday, so we need to attend that too.

Off to the paed this morning for a 9 month check up.  But he is once again all "clogged up".

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a very short week

My little week long stay at home was over in a flash.  I got nothing done that I had planned to do - i.e. my taxes... But it was good :)

N left for his hike on Tuesday.  Interesting to see how C responded to his absence.  In the evenings he would keep staring at the door, expecting him I guess.  Other than that he was a good boy for mama.  My mom visited for a couple of days, and while I love my mom it was a relief when she left!  I think we both had the same idea about the time she spent with us - a little break... Which meant I had to see to C (while she played with him), and all the other things too, as well as "entertain" her.  After she left it was just C and me for a few days - we spent most of the time at home, but with "outings" every day.  N returned late Sunday night.  He really enjoyed the hike, but we were very happy to have him back home!

Tomorrow C will be 9 months - a whole 9 months!  I cannot believe it.  He is growing so well, and getting cuter every day.  Still not crawling forward (seems to be a bit of a late bloomer...), and getting very frustrated when he cannot get to where he wants to go.  He is able to turn 360 degrees both when on his tummy and in the sitting position.  He loves his baths (in the big bath now), and I really love this time with him.  His hair is out of control, and after always insisting I would not have it cut I am now considering a bit of a trim.  No teeth yet either, but I think maybe something is going to come through soon.  His gums still looks pretty much the same as it has the past couple of months, but they definitely seem to be bothering him at the moment.  Feeding is going great - although fussiness has set in, and he knows what he likes - yoghurt....  So there is some bribing at night at dinner time.  Having some problems with bottles - he is looking interest in his afternoon one.

Today is vaccination day for us - measles and prevenar.  We will do chicken pox once they have stock again.  And on Friday his 9 month visit with the paed.  Health wise he is doing much better - still a bit of a runny nose, but the coughing has subsided a bit much to my relief!  We started using a humidifier about a week ago and it really has made a heck of a difference.

N's mom had been discharged from hospital.  She has to recover from the op she had before starting treatment.

And now for a little online shopping :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Things have been crazy lately.  to be honest, with nothing much really, but just life.  Work has been a bit quieter, but this does tend to make the days at the office drag a little longer, but has also been a relief as I could catch up with other work admin things - the things you keep having to put off because of other more urgent work.  So the week is finally drawing to a close - and next week I have decided to take off!!  So needless to say I am really looking forward to the end of tomorrow.

N is doing his week long hike next week.  They are going to freeze!  It has been quite cold here lately, and the area they are going to has been much colder.  He leaves on Tuesday and back sometime over the next weekend.  I will spend most of the time at home, do my taxes (if I don't find some other excuse not to do it), spend some time with C, and also get in some me time.

N's mom had to have an op this week.  He saw her night before last and she was doing much better.  She would have to stay in the ICU for a few days, and then probably still be in hospital a few days after that.  Hopefully this problem has now been sorted and she can start her treatment. 

Today we are doing a team build activity out of the office.  It is called Art Jamming.  I am so not artistic, really really bad at it.  to be honest, it is not really an activity I would choose to do - it entails the whole group painting a small part of a picture.  the last time I did this the group did not see what the complete picture was until the end, which made it a bit interesting.  This time we know what it is going to be.  It can be fun I guess, but I also find it a little stressful - just because it is not something I can do naturally, so it is not really a relaxing activity for me.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

eating and drinking

I have always thought me lucky - when we introduced solids it was such a breeze.  We never had ANY issues when introducing something new - not even green veggies!  I was slightly disappointed that I did not get the cool photo that day (called N to get the camera ready as I was about to start the feed....).  But now, slowly, small little issues are creeping in.

First off, he hated, HATED, the hake I tried over the weekend.  Yes I know he will not always like everything I give, but I was surprised.  I will try it again soon though (perhaps without the little bit of sauce I tried it with...).  So, because I have really no clue what I am doing, and because I am not that great a cook, I have ordered some cook books.  For now have got Annabel Karmel's Pasta and also her Finger Foods one for a little later.  The Pasta book has some interesting ones for the whole family, and at the start some dishes that I think will be great for him (the "baby" dishes).  And... they can be frozen!  So this weekend I will be trying something from there.  I just want a little more variety than we currently have.

Starting to have some issues with bottles too.  Currently he has 3 bottles a day (totalling about 600ml).  At daycare he has one of these, and they have telling me that he does not take it.  I asked them to give it half hour later, but he is still only taking a very little of it on some days.  So today I asked that hie "snack" and juice be given a little earlier in the morning, as I think this was also having an effect.  With us he takes it better it seems.  I will have to see how things go.  the main issue with the day care has been the morning nap, as they sometimes just let him sleep, a couple of time apparently up to 3 hours!  Which I thought was way too much - he wakes up late, has gets snack and juice an hour before lunch etc...  So really hope that things get better.

On the juice bottle front - he is taking it much better than before.  Actually, it is his "sippy cup".  He hated it at first.  Generally he gets really watered down juice, sometimes tea (which he does not seem to like that much), and sometimes water (same here...).  However, he does not drink that much of it.  There have been a few days when he has quite a bit though.  I very seldom "feed" this one to him as he likes holding it himself and playing with it.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

purple pumping

Sitting at home, heater on, working.... and cursing because the milk has expired and I am not sure if coffee is worth leaving my nice cosy couch for right now...  Another three hours and I will brave the wet and cold and head to the coffee shop up the road.

My pump arrived!  And I am connected.  It was delivered on Friday.  I was due a site change on Saturday, so did all the changes then.  Below some pics - I am not great at taking pics, and these have been taken with my Blackberry - so hope they are going to look fine!

The size is pretty much the same as my old pump - although for some reason it seems just a little bit smaller to me.  There is quite a few additional menu items, some of have not yet read up on, and other for the CGMS.  Also, they changed the names of some of the options which I found a bit odd and confusing.

I do not have the CGMS yet.  To cut a long story short, it was supposed to be delivered yesterday was wasn't, and I am not at the office (which is the delivery address they have) today.  So hopefully I will have it tomorrow.

N's mom was admitted to hospital yesterday as she was not well.  His dad only called late so we were not able to visit.  She will be starting chemo today and I think the doctors will be reassessing her also.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

long weekends away and purple pumps and sick babies

I am so glad that it is almost weekend - well, I am glad every week when Thursday / Friday makes an appearance and I can look forward to some relaxing (sometimes) and spending more time with my boy.

N (the husband) and I decided to take Monday and Tuesday off and get out of the cities for a few days.  We went to a little coastal town on Sunday and returned to the city on Monday.  It was fun.  We did not really do much, and it was good to just get away for a change.  The weather was good on Monday so we were able to take a nice walk.

My pump has been ordered!  I am strangely quite excited and cannot wait to get it.  It should hopefully be delivered tomorrow, along with my first ever CGMS - although I aill not be wearing this permanently.  I am in desperate need of some basal testing and have been holding off to do it with the CGM, so next week I will be doing that hopefully.  And then once those are all in order I want to really crack down on my carb to insulin ratios.

I took C (the little fella) back to the doc last Friday.  The doc suspects (as I have suspected since just after his birth) that he has allergies.  I had (environmental) as a child, and both N's brothers also have it.  So we have been advised to cut out dairy to see if that will make a difference.  He has been getting better - but probably more because of the new meds he has been on.  we switched his milk to Nan HA, and so fa things are okay.  I have added some prunes back into his diet (probably just going to do that every second day), as he was on a formula for constipated babies before.  Paed said that with the change in milk we may have that problem cropping up again.

We also saw the midwife on Saturday.  On the eating front he is doing great, and despite not being that well his appetite has still been good.  He has just been struggeling a bit with bottles at times when his nose is quite congested.  He now weighs 8.3kg, and is around 67.5cm long.

And in other sadder news, N's mom was told last week that her cancer is back.  She was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer about 2 years ago.  Had a hysterectomy and chemo and has been clear since.  She will be starting chemo again.