Monday, August 23, 2010

he kissed a girl

So things have been busy lately - mainly work, and then trying to fit life around all that.  I am not complaining about being busy at work - I prefer it, but it all seemed to hit at the same time...  As I think it usually does.  So I have been busy at work, spending as much time in the evening with C and getting him fed , bathed, and to bed. And then I am pretty much pooped, so I am in bed soon after my bath and dinner.  I have been thinking that I have been sleeping a little too much lately, and I really need to do something about this.

C has been doing great.  I think he has put on quite a bit of weight this month - I will know on Wednesday when I have him weighed at the clinic again.  He will be having his Chicken Pox shot on Wednesday - poor guy, just a month after the last lot of vaccinations.  But then I think there is a nice break before he needs to have some again.  He is crawling all over the place now, but prefers pulling himself up on pretty much anything.  Sometimes forgets he needs to hold on, but we have not had too many falls yet. I cannot believe how fast he is growing up and how rapidly things change!

I went to an indoor play area over the weekend - met two moms there who I had met on a forum about a year ago.  One of the kids, a little girl, is the same age as C.  It was so cute watching them together.  She pulled his hair, and his response was to kiss her!  And then they proceeded to take things from each other - she took his biscuit (so I gave him another) and they sat eating them, he took her water bottle, she took his juice sippy cup...

So life has been quiet, and busy.  I think I am going to work on not going to bed as early this week - on step at a time though!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CGMS initial thoughts and findings

I connected the CGM over the weekend.  First off - I will not be wearing the device permanently.  The main reason for this is cost.  I will not be able to claim the cost of the monthly sensors from my insurance company.

So first off I am doing basal testing.  I have not done any in a long time, and I am pretty sure they are quite "off".  I started with my overnight basals (as this is the easiest...).  Some tweaks needed - seem to need a little more insulin during the nights and less during the later morning hours.  These have obviously been cancelling each other out.  I am currently busy with the "morning run".  Already it seems as though I need to up my basals here.  So, just as I thought, I have been compensating with my morning bolus.  I had initially thought my insulin to carb ratios had changed (which they probably have, but not to the extent I have thought....).  I hope to finish the testing this week, and then I can relook at my carb to insulin ratios.

Insertion of the sensor was easy peasy (I thought it was going to be more painful).  The first calibration was a bit of a pain, and then I had one other calibration issue, but since then things seem to be on track.  It has been so interesting looking at the graph, and being able to keep such a good check on my blood sugar levels.

I have been a bit nervous about bathing with the sensor on.  Decided against using a second skin with it, but I may in future do.  To me it seems as though the adhesive is not as sticky as my pump site - but this is probably just my imagination (probably because it is smaller).

I have not had much reception issues, although I am trying to keep my pump hooked on my trousers on the same side as where the sensor is.  (I currently have the sensor on my right, while my pump site is on my left).

Trying not to think about food........

Monday, August 16, 2010

back home

So the week away last week turned out not to be too bad in the end.  It was over pretty quickly (although it could have been just a little quicker!), and before I knew it I was back at the airport and on a flight back home.  I was so glad to get home.  N seemed to have a good week single parenting.  He had a few hiccups - nothing major, just little feeding issues, and late morning starts.  C, I think, did not really miss having me around at all (sniff sniff) - it is actually quite amazing how these little people adapt to certain changes so quickly and easily.  I like to believe that he likes having me back home though :)

We had a nice lazy weekend.  Highlights were a nice walk along the ocean, and C's first haircut!  The haircut went much better than I expected.  And it looks so good!  He has really curly hair, and it was quite long.  Constantly in knots, and I really had difficulty keeping it "under control".  We took off quite a chunk, but I think he looks really cute now.  I am curious to see how fast it will grow now, as I have been told that it tends to grow back a little faster after a cut.

I have been connected to the CGM for about a day now - more on that later this week...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

leaving on a jet plane... alone

So in just about 15 minutes I will be leaving for the airport.  It was a bit hard saying good bye to C at the day care this morning - and then of course he was real excited to be back there after the long weekend, and just wanted to get out of my arms!

Yesterday was a holiday, which I really appreciated!  We did not do much this weekend.  C had a "play date" on Saturday.  Went to see a new mom I met in a group I attended while on maternity leave.  The boys "played" while we drank coffee and chatted.  The play was taking toys from each other and putting it in their mouths...

I will be away the whole week.  I hope it is not too cold, and that I have packed the right clothes!

In other good news - One of my closest friends (and furthest away) had a baby last week.  We are so happy and thrilled to be welcoming her!  She had a very fast labour - calling me to tell me that she had gone into labour and was waiting for her husband to get there, and within three hours I had a message on my phone with a pic of the darling.  But all is well with both mom and daughter.  And on a pic I saw big brother looks very proud.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Yes, we have lift off!  On Friday it all started.... I cannot believe it and I was over the moon!  My boy is growing up and finally "moving forward"...  By Saturday he had loads more confidence and was crawling all over the place.  And why is it that "non-toys" and other items are always more interesting??

I just cannot believe how much I love this little boy :)

Back to work now.  Had a bad start this morning, all my fault really... I kinda didn't bolus for my whole dinner last night, so this morning I woke with a ridiculously high number.  But all is good now.