Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Since a few days ago my boy has changed his routine slightly.... Or added some colour to it!  He has started making crying and wimpering sounds in his sleep.  These start at around 02:00 in the morning.  The only constant is that is starts at this time.  Sometimes they "crescendo" from wimpering into crying sounds (but without him waking), once he actually woke up (I had left him to see if he would or not.  And I try not to run immediately he makes a noise...), once he wimpered, wimpered, wimpered, and then went back to sleep.  It has been for about 4 nights, 2 of which saw me fetch him from his room as I was having to get in and out of bed too often.  Not sure what this is all about.  He is not hungry.  Seems to sometimes stop on his own, and also when I give him the dummy.  I do not realy want to get him into the habit of getting the dummy as currently he only really wants it when he is tired and wants to sleep, but "spits" it out once he is asleep...

Then - I think he is going to start teething soon....  His drooling / dribbling has increased by about 10 litres a day (lol - I swear, where does it all come from!) and I have noticed he no longer just sucks on things, he is starting to chew.  I cannot see or feel anything yet, but have gone out and made some purchases of teething "stuff".

 Not sure whether these two could be related??  He does not have a fever thankfully!

Anyway, gotta dash... May be back sooner, but probably 2 weeks.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

leaving on a jet plane (or 2)

Tomorrow we are off!  A two hour domestic flight to Joburg, a 3 hour wait, then 14 hours to our final destination - Sydney.  I cannot wait!!  Cannot wait to see my friend and her 1 year old, to have that feeling you have when you visit a country for the first time, but...  I have never been this anxious about a trip before!  My first flight with my boy, and I am doing it alone!  So either I am very brave, or completely crazy.  I go with the latter :).  Although truth be told, I do not foresee having too much issues with him, he should sleep most of the international leg of the trip.  Jet lag however is going to be interesting.  Then add to the jet lag (along with the jet lagged infant), basal changes to the pump.... mmmm, an interesting holiday indeed - I C A N N O T wait!

And the people sitting next to me may need some well wishes...

Monday, March 15, 2010

an adult dinner

Don't get me wrong - I love spending time with my boy, and I do miss him when he is not with me.  But, a dinner, with only adults every now and then is godsend!  Since the birth of my boy we have had three of these.  I guess in some people's worlds this is a lot...  This weekend my mom visited, so we took the opportunity to go for dinner with a couple of friends on Friday night.  The night was very good (although, considering that it is a fairly well known place, the food was really nothing exciting at all!  Actually, my meat was pretty crap...), we just spent chatting without having to worry about a baby :).  the rest of the weekend was relaxed.  The husband did a cycle race yesterday while I had lunch with my parents before my mom returned home.  So now I am starting to pack, and stress out!  As though traveling with a baby was not enough I know need to start "thinking" about my basals rates etc, as I will be traveling across way too many time zones...  I have done a similar trip a couple of years back, and things were not too bad.  Hopefully this time round will be the same!

Well, I need to go rescue my boy - he has moved himself into a rather uncomfortable position, and can no longer grab onto his toys ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

finally, relief!

The weather has been horrible here, and finally today it has cooled down!  It just started pouring outside, and I could hear the thunder in the distance a little while ago.

This week has been a bit busy.  Monday my boy had his four month check-up with the paed.  All went very well, and in terms of growth he has now caught up with his age group :)  He is also on the tall side, and apparently has a big head... On Tuesday I had to take him for some more vaccinations.  The poor boy screamed, and was not happy with mom at all!  So now the measles at around 6 months is the next stop.

Just a week before our big trip!  I need to head to the shops for a few small items still, and early next week will do all the packing.  Although I am very excited about the trip, it has come a bit sooner than I would have liked.  I know that my two weeks away is going to go by so fast, and when I return home I only have about 4 weeks left at home before returning to work.  I could never have imagined how this feels!  Even though I am looking forward to working again, having some other stimulation it is going to be so hard leaving my boy behind.  After spending 6 months with him 24/7, it is going to be a bit odd not having him with me.  But, let me now dwell on those thoughts too much now....

The rain has put a bit of a damper on my plans for today.  Was considering a quick walk to a shopping centre just down the road, but that is out of the question now.  But if it lets down a little I may rush down to the car and take a drive...

On the diabetes front things are going as always.  I am still having a few more highs than I would like.  I will only be seeing my Endo after my holiday.  Hope that with these highs (and a holiday which will probably add to it!) my A1c has not gone up by too much!

More on my boy:  We will be starting solids just after he turns 5 months.  I have no clue how it all works!  Have a book I will take a read through - will probably have some time during my flights.  Yet another milestone - it is going way way too fast...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

all clear :)

So my doctors visit went well - it ended with "you do not have to see me again" - great!  All is back to normal now, and I now only need to keep an eye on my blood pressure once a month - it has returned to normal, and I have been off all meds for about 3 months now.  It was such a pain having to measure blood pressure (and glucose...), and I tended to forget most of the time.  So, he just mentioned, as did my OBGYN, that although I am at higher risk of getting PE in a next pregnancy, it is not guaranteed.  We have kind of settled on just having one, although we still have some frozen embryos left - not yet decided what to do with themWe will likely keep them until we are certain that we do not want to use them.  He also mentioned "we will support you should you decide to fall pregnant again", which kind of put a bit of a damper on the whole "maybe one day I would want another one"..., and "you need to go into it with your eyes open, and be aware of the risks with having Type 1 diabetes and the risk of PE again"...  Anyway, not really things I need or want to ponder right now.

Now would it not be great if an Endo visit could end with "you do not need to see me again"!  Still due a visit, but seems as though I will only do it when I return from my trip.  I leave in a week and a half and could not be more excited!  We have our visas, I still need to call the airline regarding the bassinet etc., and then start on my list.  My guy has a round of vaccinations next week as well as a paed visit (just a check-up).  Then only packing and stressing left for me!  I have one stop - a 2 hour domestic flight and then the dreaded 14 hour flight...

Blood sugars are "okay", not great at all.

So glad the weekend is almost here!  At least then the husband is home so I have a bit more company :)

And my boy - he is doing great.  Still sleeping well at night.  Just been having some issues with his feeding now and then, but it may just be the horrible hot weather.  I also want to giving him water again - in the past he would take one sip, realise it wasn't milk, then spit it back out.

Now I am going to enjoy the rest of my glass of great wine, then off to bed :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

he slept through!

Things are great - my boy is growing well, and last night was the fourth consecutive night that he has slept through!  It feels good, and gives me so much more time to myself (well, not exactly, more time to get other things done to be exact).  He is feeding well too, although according to the "formula" he has slightly less on some days.  I do not like forcing him to drink more than he wants, and he seems happy and content so I do not think it is a problem.

I just still cannot believe how fast the time is going by since he is with us.  My pregnancy feels like a lifetime away (in some ways I do not really remember much of the pregnancy either - except that it felt really very very long!).  Yesterday was his four month birthday - and I cannot imagine my life without him now.  It is as though he was always meant to be with me, and always has...

Our trip planning is coming along.  I need to collect our passports today as the visas have been processed.  I have started a list - never needed these before!  I still need to figure out how I am going to carry the formula - regulations state no more than 150ml of liquid per container, so I am anyway going to need more water for the bottles, so I am considering taking the powder.  But I am sure there are regulations regarding this too...  I still need o call the airline to book a bassinet, so I will ask my questions then.  Just two more weeks!!

I bought a new baby carrier (this is number 4!), and it is definitely one of my better buys...  He is so comfortable in it, falls asleep within minutes.  It is going to be so great for the trip as I will be on my own and having my hands free will be great.

A doctor visit for me tomorrow - I think the last of my check ups.  I still had some protein a couple of months ago, so hopefully that will now be all cleared up.