Thursday, July 21, 2011

diabetes 1, me 0

Need a bit of a break from work stuff to think and get my head around things...

I am having a major afternoon blood glucose issue. Well, today and yesterday in particular. I noticed some afternoon spikes a little while ago, but they were minor compared to what I am currently experiencing, and seemed to "fix" itself after a few days.

Yesterday after lunch I did an infusion site change. 2 Hours after lunch I tested and was peaking higher than normal. I thought I may just have miscalculated my lunch bolus, and probably some of it had to do with the site change (I sometimes have a little bit of high issues after a site change). So I corrected and carried on as per normal. A little while later I tested again - and I was even higher. Now hovering just below 20. Not on, another bolus from the pump and continued with life. Then an hour or so later I tested again and still hovering way too close to the 20 mark - had dropped from 18odd to 17odd. So not enough of a drop according to me, especially not with the amount of rage bolussing I had been doing.... So I thought that maybe there is a problem with the site. So another rage bolus with syringe, and site change. This all of course caught up with me later the night....

This morning things were okay-ish. Lunch time I was a bit high, but nothing too serious. Had lunch, bolus, 2 hours later I am above 20!!Now I am going to admit to having a little treat after lunch too, so this may have had a little impact, but not possibly this big! So I assume there are some issues - basal and an I:C ratio likely. Which means a basal test needs to be done ASAP. This really is so frustrating at the moment!

And while on health issues... I saw the neuro yesterday and all is progressing well in terms of my facial movement. My smell has still not returned, and there seems to be a highly likelihood that it may not. But, steroids and methotrexate could both potentially affect smell, so there is still a chance that these drugs are also having an impact - I certainly hope so!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a toddler update

So what has happened in the last, oh, more than a month, since I have been here?

Well first off, my car was fixed, and thanks to the witness I was also paid my excess back.

The past month has seen us visiting the doctor numerous times, and also included one trip to the ER with my boy. Mostly because of colds / sinusitis, then conjunctivitis, and then an ear infection. After completing the second course of antibiotics, as well as the course of antibiotic ear drops we woke one morning to blood... So off to the ER we went early the morning and saw the ENT. Turns out he has/had a granuloma on the eardrum, and the grommet is also on its way out. The last of the drops was used this morning, so now I am just watching to see that everything has cleared up.

Despite all this he has been a happy and busy little guy. He is learning new things every day – it is just amazing! His speech is also developing. I realised recently that he actually knows a bit more word than I thought – he just does not use them that often. He still always seems to need to say the word “car” – by far his favourite word, toy, and object. Busses and bikes also feature way up there. Flowers are called “wowers”. He has learnt the power of the word “no”, but unfortunately for him I cannot always give in .

He is growing taller by the day – but I have no clue how tall he is now. I was actually looking around at some growth charts online to put up against the wall. He weighs about 12.2/3kg now – so not too heavy, by not too skinny either.

Still loves loves loves his food. And I have been lucky that he has not developed an aversion to vegetables. Loves peas (although it seems as though he calls most veggies peas). I am glad that I have not had too many feeding issues with him. He is also eating very well on his own.

He is definitely favouring his left hand – and I can even see this when he eats. He messes much less, and I even saw him using his left hand to guide his right hand with the spoon to his mouth once. He still swops between the two quite often. I notice for instance when he wants to wave and has something in his left hand he will swop hands in order to wave with his left.

We have been enjoying the freakishly clear days here, and taking full advantage of them over weekends. My boy just loves being outside so it has really been quite a blessing.

I cannot believe that soon he will be 2. I still have a few months left, but we have started thinking about what to do for his second birthday in October. The only thing I do know is that I want to get him a Cars cake – I will not be attempting to make this myself.

Daycare, Marcia, has not really been sorted out yet... We have enrolled at both the places I visited. At the one we have been placed on a waiting list, and to be honest I doubt we will be getting a place for next year. The other I am not sure of yet. I felt pretty confident after meeting with them that he should be getting a placement there, but I guess only time will tell.