Monday, February 22, 2010

my trip is around the corner now!

I am currently juggeling motherhood, diabetes, and planning a trip / holiday...

My baby was baptised over the weekend.  We had a wonderful day.  The service was good, and we had a well behaved baby too!  He was just a little upset when I gave him to the priest as it woke him.  Afterward we had tea and cake at my in laws with some family and close friends.  It was great!  the rest of the weekend was spent chilling with friends and at home.

Mondays come way too fast - although while I am still on maternity leave they don't really mean that much to me anyway.  But I enjoy weekends and having my husband at home.  This week I need to do a little more planning for our trip which is in three weeks time.  I am visiting a friend abroad - and getting real excited about it now!  I have not seen her in nearly two years.  Her son turned one in December, so cannot wait to meet her little boy.  Also getting a little nervous about the travelling part along with a baby, but I am sure it is going to go well...

Diabetes has been keeping me on my toes still, with a couple of crappy days.  Hope they are now behind me.  I still have to make an appointment to see my Endo in the next few weeks, or perhaps when I return from my trip.  A but apprehensive about my A1c though - it has been so good this past year or so, but with the highs I have had these past few weeks I am sure it is going to be a bit worse....

Monday, February 15, 2010

4 months old soon

I cannot believe how fast my boy is growing.  In a couple of weeks he will be four months old!  The time has gone by so fast (he keeps me way too busy!).  I am lucky to still be on maternity leave, and I am not looking forward to leaving him behind when I return to work - but at least I still have some time :)  In about a month we will be visiting one of my closest friends.  I am so looking forward to the trip, but not to the long 14 hour flight I will be taking with my boy (and alone too).  I have no clue how I will be handling that, and the jet lag with a baby to look after...

Friday, February 12, 2010

post pregnancy diabetes

Although it was not easy, I managed to keep my blood sugar levels pretty stable throughout my pregnancy.  It was damn hard, but so worth it...  I went through the normal increased sensitivity during my first trimester, after which my sensitivity gradually started decreasing - faster and faster....  Looking back, the two or so weeks before my emergency delivery, my insulin intake remained quite stable (which in hindsight was probably another sign that there was something going wrong...).  Just before my delivery I reset my basal to pre-pregnancy rates, and my blood sugars remained very stable for the 24 - 48 hours thereafter.  I went back to my pr-pregnancy insulin and eating habits, but a few weeks later when going back on bcp, everything I thought I knew was no longer valid.  It had been a couple of years since I have taken these, and honestly - I actually cannot recall if my insulin sensitivity was that much different when using them then.  I have increased my basals (especially overnight / early morning rates), but am still having some issues with bolusses, and probably also some basal rates.  Trying to do basal tests is near impossible for me with a baby.  I retested my basal rates a couple of weeks after the birth (before bcp), and managed to do them all - and all was good then...  I really need to get them sorted - but honestly, I am lost...

And then there is the gym.... Oh the gym, the one I threaten to visit every week, but don't get to.

Motherhood + diabetes - definitely not easy :(

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

vaccination day

Today was another vaccination day - they are not fun at all!  Bad mother that I am forgot all about giving my sweetie some paracetamol before leaving home for the appointment, but luckily I had some to give as soon as I realised :).  Poor little man gave the nurse a big smile as she reached into the fridge for the shot.  And then the agonising scream as the shot is administered...  But now all is well, with no side effects.

At least this time round he only required one shot, not looking forward to the next round in four weeks time when he needs more!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

first post

So I decided to blog again - my previous blog died a slow and painless death, but here's to this one lasting!  I guess, as before, I will be talking a little bit about pretty much anything, but things affecting my life the most would probably be focussed on most - I am a "new" mom to a gorgeous baby boy.  He was conceived through IVF due to infertility issues on my side.  Despite type 1 diabetes my pregnancy progressed very well (achieving great numbers and never before seen HbA1c-s!), but unfortunately I developed severe pre-eclampsia, and my boy was delivered via emergency c-section at 34 weeks.  He spent a couple of weeks in the NICU, but other than feeding issues was healthy.  I am now trying to be the best mom I can be, and get my numbers back under control (this is proving to be very difficult at the moment...).   That is the short version...