Monday, January 3, 2011

a new year starts

Wow, 2011.  A New Year!

This past month has been a daze.  I went on a short break, spending a lot of time with my boy.  And I loved it so much!  It was so much fun to be able to spend whole days with him again.  We stayed home this holiday, and the two of us lazed around at home, visited, and did a couple of fun things like visiting the aquarium.  Christmas was spent with my husband's side of the family, and we had a quiet New Year.  The time at home flew by, and tomorrow I return to work.

And boy has my boy grown!  For the past couple of weeks he has gained so much confidence in his walking.  He walks most of the time now, and has even stopped pushing his cars around because of this - although at times he tries to push bigger cars while on his feet rather than hid knees, this is too funny to watch.  And when he falls over he just gets right back up!  He understands so much more now, and seems to be a real curious boy.  He points at absolutely everything.  He seems to have a few words which at time has meaning.  "Car" is a definite favourite, but also often used for other objects like planes, helicopters etc.  "Dada" has also on occasion now been directed to dad (no sign of mom, mama or anything in that line yet!).

I hope that this year is going to be exciting for us.  We are putting our flat / apartment onto the market at the end of this month.  We will at the same time start looking for something larger.  I hope that we will be able to complete the entire process within the first half of the year - and the quicker the better!  I look forward to having a garden for us to relax and play in, and just having more space generally.  We are definitely becoming a little cramped now with all the things that the little guy seems to "collect".

And some other exciting developments on the cards for us too....  Watch this space for more!