Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3am awakenings

At just before 3am we heard some wimpering from his room.  My husband went to see and it seemd he had lost his dummy and was trying to find it again.  He did not find it quick enough, so he woke up and started crying.  And that was it...  he would not go back to sleep.  We were so tired, so we once again did the unthinkable - put him in bed with us, hoping that he would fall back to sleep quite quickly.  He is such a rough sleeper though - and it took him so long to find his "spot".  Oh, the joys....


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry that your boy has been keeping you up, but must say, I love having my little snuggle bunny (she is 4.5 months old) in our bed. Admittedly, it always means another sleep deprived night..

Btw, the pic of your boy on your blog is just tooo cute!

Hope you get to catch up on sleep soon..

sweets said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks - I think the pic is cute too... My boy is actually such a good sleeper most of the time, we hardly have any issues once he has gone to sleep in the evening. And now that he is bigger my husband is so great - waking up to check on him most of the time if he wakes up during the night :)