Monday, April 11, 2011

on biting and swimming

Swimming is going swimmingly. My boy loves it, and so do I. In a way I wish there was some way I could juggle it to do lessons twice a week. Today he was such a cutie, laughing and eagerly trying to do all the activities.

Everything else with him has been great. Tomorrow he has his 18 month check up with the paed. I cannot believe we are almost there! He is such a social little guy too, and just loves going out. Even just a quick trip to the shops! He has made his first “two worded sentence”, which was really cute – “Car gone”. With hand movements to boot! He is such a boy – loving his cars, cars on the road gets him excited, and when he hears a plane or helicopter in the sky he gets even more excited!

We had our first little “day care incident” last week where he had bitten another boy. Luckily he did not bite hard and the mark did not stay too long. I have feared being on the “other side”, as a few weeks ago he was bitten (much harder, as that mark stayed for weeks!). I spoke to the mom this morning, who luckily understands (we had a conversation about biting about 2 weeks ago actually as the boy who had bitten C had also bitten her son – poor baby!). Our concern at the time was that if the biting continues our kids may think that it is okay to bite. My boy has never shown any of this behaviour at home – at home he tends to express his frustrations with flaying arms, and some screaming (luckily not too much!). While I understand that kids bite, and that this is likely to happen in a day care situation I was a bit more concerned when I realised that he was not the only or first one to be bitten. I just hope that this first bite is not the start of a habit for him. It is such a difficult situation to deal with really – I was not sure about the etiquette, but felt I needed to call the other mom (even the parents of the kid who bit my boy never called, or even made any mention of anything when running into each other at the day care – and I feel this is wrong...). Our day care has been great, we have never had any issues, and they really do a great job with the littlies. Our intention was never to keep him there for very long anyway, and in some way this makes me a little relieved – which in turn makes me feel bad, if that makes any sense at all!

On that note – I have called a pre school that takes kids in from age 2 and will be visiting them soon. They are substantially more expensive than what our current fees are, and also there will be more juggling in terms of holidays as they close for all school holidays – they do have holiday care facilities of course (but at an additional cost). We are strongly considering this place at the moment, but I will also need to look at some others and compare.

My ophthalmologist visit last week went well. I have no other/further issues with my eyes; only still have the optical nerve swelling. This week I visit an ENT to have a look see at my ears – the tinnitus, particularly in my right ear, has been a bit of a bother recently. The ear, just in general, also feels “funny” – I am not really sure how to explain it. So just hope the doctor get it! Next week I have a follow up with the pulmonologist.

My BG has been good lately. I feel as though it has been better than it has been a quite some time. I am testing more often, a lot more often, than before. This does help, and in a way makes me feel more accountable. I am getting the hang of carb counting and trusting my pump’s doses.


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I can't bellieve he is getting all grown up already. It has obviously been too long since I saw him! Good luck with making the best decision on schools for him.