Friday, April 1, 2011

sniffles and swimming lessons

My boy has been coughing a bit this week, and has a runny nose. Last night he was quite miserable... Unfortunately all I can think of is all the issues we had last year before having grommets put in, and really hoping that this does not turn into all that again. He is not too bad though, so I hope that it will pass soon.

We are starting swimming lessons on Monday! I have wanted to do this for months now, but always put it off. So this week I decided to contact the swim school and they had an opening for him starting this Monday. I am quite excited about it and really curious to see how he enjoys it.

CGMS update: VERY annoying. Two nights of near perfect numbers - a flat line for both, and then this morning from about 02:25 it starts to creep up quite a bit. Why does this have to be so unpredictable!! I did a morning basal test which seemed good, and hope to do the afternoon one today. My breakfast boluses seem to be on track most of the time, but there were some odd numbers - I seem to take really long to peak (peaking at an okay number), and then coming back down also seems to take long. Not really sure what that is all about.... It has really been frustrating me this week.