Tuesday, May 17, 2011

aaargh temp basal

What a terrible day that could have been better if only I had been paying attention.... My temp 150% basal ended this morning, probably around 06:30. I did not reset it. At lunch I was high - not terribly high, but very high. I just chalked it up to miscalculating breakfast or something (even though I was pretty certain I didn't, and I had not tested after breakfast because of meetings). So I decided to have lunch anyway and just correct because I was hungry. Come 2 hours post lunch and I am now sky high. take correction and as the insulin is trickling in it dawns on me... Hopefully I will be back in range in a couple of hours. I just hate feeling this way!

I had all my blood tests done today in preparation of my appointment next week.

Coming up later this week - preschool decisions. Have another visit set up for Thursday morning. It has been a bit of an issue at the moment, with leaving the planning so late. I guess I was a bit relaxed since he can actually stay at the place he is at now. But, I need to trust my gut, and my gut is telling me to move him.