Friday, May 27, 2011

crazy week

Thank goodness for Friday...

This has been one crazy week. I was involved in a car accident on Monday when I guy jumped a red traffic light. He turned right in front of me, and I was unable to stop in time. I was just so relieved it happened after I dropped my boy. Luckily I was not hurt. Now the week has been spent dealing with insurance issues, which are a huge pain! They have been very efficient, with the only outstanding issue now " placing blame". The other driver has, of course, denied fault. There was a witness, so now I am waiting for the insurance to contact me regarding his statement. Hopefully this will all work in my favour and I will get
excess back!

And my car.. In for repairs, with no idea when I still be getting it back! Apparently they are waiting for parts, and there have been major delays with this recently.

The rest of my week, uneventful. Had another awesome swimming lesson. He is enjoying them much now, and so am I. Our place is also finally on the market, so we will also be looking at new property a little more seriously now.


Pearlsa said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for stopping by my blog. How is you son doing and the treatment for Sarcoid?

I am glad to have found your blog too. and read it all I am looking forward to more updates.