Thursday, July 21, 2011

diabetes 1, me 0

Need a bit of a break from work stuff to think and get my head around things...

I am having a major afternoon blood glucose issue. Well, today and yesterday in particular. I noticed some afternoon spikes a little while ago, but they were minor compared to what I am currently experiencing, and seemed to "fix" itself after a few days.

Yesterday after lunch I did an infusion site change. 2 Hours after lunch I tested and was peaking higher than normal. I thought I may just have miscalculated my lunch bolus, and probably some of it had to do with the site change (I sometimes have a little bit of high issues after a site change). So I corrected and carried on as per normal. A little while later I tested again - and I was even higher. Now hovering just below 20. Not on, another bolus from the pump and continued with life. Then an hour or so later I tested again and still hovering way too close to the 20 mark - had dropped from 18odd to 17odd. So not enough of a drop according to me, especially not with the amount of rage bolussing I had been doing.... So I thought that maybe there is a problem with the site. So another rage bolus with syringe, and site change. This all of course caught up with me later the night....

This morning things were okay-ish. Lunch time I was a bit high, but nothing too serious. Had lunch, bolus, 2 hours later I am above 20!!Now I am going to admit to having a little treat after lunch too, so this may have had a little impact, but not possibly this big! So I assume there are some issues - basal and an I:C ratio likely. Which means a basal test needs to be done ASAP. This really is so frustrating at the moment!

And while on health issues... I saw the neuro yesterday and all is progressing well in terms of my facial movement. My smell has still not returned, and there seems to be a highly likelihood that it may not. But, steroids and methotrexate could both potentially affect smell, so there is still a chance that these drugs are also having an impact - I certainly hope so!


Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Where do you live? I feel bad that you can't get Symlin where you live because it has already changed my life! My blood sugars have been awesome since starting it and I never want to stop taking it!

I enjoy reading about other people with diabetes so I will be back to visit again!

Take care!