Thursday, August 18, 2011

the wee wee

Yesterday I bought a potty - one that can be used as a stock standard potty, a step stool to reach the basin or be able to get onto the "proper toilet", and a removable seat which can be attached to the toilet. Up to now I have only had one that qualifies more as a travel potty - you are able to use it "on the floor" with little baggies, or as an attachment on the actual toilet. At first my boy did not like sitting on the real one. I did not push the issue, left the potty in the bathroom, and never tried again. Eventually he started putting 2 and 2 together. A couple of weeks ago he started pointing at it saying "wee wee". When it was bath time and he did it I would let him sit on it for a while. He has never actually done anything in it of course... He seemed real excited with his new, as he calls it, "wee wee" yesterday. Of course it was carried all around for some time, used to sit on in the lounge too, and opened and closed numerous times. He sat on it before his bath last night, and again this morning during a nappy change when he asked for it. I am sure we still have a very looooong road to travel, but it is exciting to be reaching this milestone. I have been told that boys take longer / start later / are more difficult than girls, so I guess we have our work cut out for us!


Dawn said... Best Blogger Tips

At least he likes the idea :)