Friday, August 26, 2011

weaning steroids and refusing vegetables

This week I started the next "step" in the steroids weaning process. I am now on 5mg on alternate days. Today is my second "steroid free" day. I had not really expected to be affected by it, but it turns out I was wrong. Blood glucose chaos... with me stressing about it a lot, because I was already anticipating the issues to come the following day and the next. Well, yesterday was not a good day either, and today is not going too much better either. Four more weeks or so to go before I stop them completely. I am really looking forward to that as at least then, after dealing with the "aftermath", things should be back to being a bit more stable again.

My boy is growing up so fast. He continuously repeats things we say, learning new things every day. He seems to have entered the toddler eating stage with a vengeance now - refusing vegetables, or eating it with great reluctance. One day this week he ate all the chicken on his place and demanded "More, More". We have had a few mornings of tears at the day care - breaks my heart every time.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Sjoe L it sounds like you are having a tough time coming off the meds. Hope this eases.

As for C sounds like a normal toddler, not that that makes it any easier for you, but just par for the course.

I have to admit I don't fancy veggies much these days either

caron said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and your comment on my blog :)
bg chaos= never fun :/ did the weekend get any easier?

from my side- i'm trying out the veo pump now- i think i like it. but i'll try write a post about it sometime when everything else in life slows down to a gentle sprint.
strength for your week- hope stuff gets easier!