Friday, September 16, 2011

friday :)

I am so relieved that it is Friday after the week that I've had. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my boys, and hopefully getting out too...

The party is practically completely planned now. Venue has been booked, and cake has been ordered. I just need to sort out the invitations still and send them out. We are having the party on the Sunday after his birthday, and on his birthday (the Friday) we will likely have some cake and tea with the family. I really cannot believe that he is almost 2 - I probably say it way too much, but I am just amazed at how fast these past two years have gone.

He has been accepted at the other nursery school we applied to. In terms of location it is quite convenient - very close to where he currently is, and on the way to work for me (about halfway or so). Their opening times are slight different (shorter), but I am sure it will be manageable.

His vocabulary is growing daily now. He still repeats most of what we say, and sometimes (a lot...) surprises me with a new word or two. He is as stubborn as can be at times. He still loves playing with cars, and Cars is most definitely his favourite movie.

He will also be getting a nephew soon (from his dad’s side). Not sure what his name is yet, but he should arrive on my boy’s birthday. In a way it saddens me to think that they may likely not “grow up” together as that part of the family doesn’t spend that much time with us. I am actually a bit confused about how I am supposed to act, or how much I am supposed to do/ask/give etc., because of the nature of the relationship between us. I am not even sure when (and if) to visit after the baby arrives. (To put it in simple terms, she neither visited while I was in hospital nor after I was released or my boy came home. I hate having to put it that way – “I will do to them what they did to me”, because that will also be wrong.) I really wish I knew what to do and that it were easier. Family dynamics can just be so complicated to deal with!

Diabetes has been a bit difficult to control at times. Most of it probably due to weaning steroids, but I have also been sick in the past two weeks. I still have about two weeks of steroids left, then I go off it completely. I will see my pulmonologist and have some bloods drawn about a month later. Today I am seeing another doctor (it is crazy, another specialist, but hopefully it will be more of a routine visit than anything else).