Friday, February 12, 2010

post pregnancy diabetes

Although it was not easy, I managed to keep my blood sugar levels pretty stable throughout my pregnancy.  It was damn hard, but so worth it...  I went through the normal increased sensitivity during my first trimester, after which my sensitivity gradually started decreasing - faster and faster....  Looking back, the two or so weeks before my emergency delivery, my insulin intake remained quite stable (which in hindsight was probably another sign that there was something going wrong...).  Just before my delivery I reset my basal to pre-pregnancy rates, and my blood sugars remained very stable for the 24 - 48 hours thereafter.  I went back to my pr-pregnancy insulin and eating habits, but a few weeks later when going back on bcp, everything I thought I knew was no longer valid.  It had been a couple of years since I have taken these, and honestly - I actually cannot recall if my insulin sensitivity was that much different when using them then.  I have increased my basals (especially overnight / early morning rates), but am still having some issues with bolusses, and probably also some basal rates.  Trying to do basal tests is near impossible for me with a baby.  I retested my basal rates a couple of weeks after the birth (before bcp), and managed to do them all - and all was good then...  I really need to get them sorted - but honestly, I am lost...

And then there is the gym.... Oh the gym, the one I threaten to visit every week, but don't get to.

Motherhood + diabetes - definitely not easy :(


Bee said... Best Blogger Tips

I hear you on that! Since my daughter quit breastfeeding my basals have been gradually climbing to where I'm taking a lot more than I ever have not pregnant. It's a Diabetes+Motherhood is not easy at all. But worth it.