Tuesday, August 10, 2010

leaving on a jet plane... alone

So in just about 15 minutes I will be leaving for the airport.  It was a bit hard saying good bye to C at the day care this morning - and then of course he was real excited to be back there after the long weekend, and just wanted to get out of my arms!

Yesterday was a holiday, which I really appreciated!  We did not do much this weekend.  C had a "play date" on Saturday.  Went to see a new mom I met in a group I attended while on maternity leave.  The boys "played" while we drank coffee and chatted.  The play was taking toys from each other and putting it in their mouths...

I will be away the whole week.  I hope it is not too cold, and that I have packed the right clothes!

In other good news - One of my closest friends (and furthest away) had a baby last week.  We are so happy and thrilled to be welcoming her!  She had a very fast labour - calling me to tell me that she had gone into labour and was waiting for her husband to get there, and within three hours I had a message on my phone with a pic of the darling.  But all is well with both mom and daughter.  And on a pic I saw big brother looks very proud.