Monday, August 16, 2010

back home

So the week away last week turned out not to be too bad in the end.  It was over pretty quickly (although it could have been just a little quicker!), and before I knew it I was back at the airport and on a flight back home.  I was so glad to get home.  N seemed to have a good week single parenting.  He had a few hiccups - nothing major, just little feeding issues, and late morning starts.  C, I think, did not really miss having me around at all (sniff sniff) - it is actually quite amazing how these little people adapt to certain changes so quickly and easily.  I like to believe that he likes having me back home though :)

We had a nice lazy weekend.  Highlights were a nice walk along the ocean, and C's first haircut!  The haircut went much better than I expected.  And it looks so good!  He has really curly hair, and it was quite long.  Constantly in knots, and I really had difficulty keeping it "under control".  We took off quite a chunk, but I think he looks really cute now.  I am curious to see how fast it will grow now, as I have been told that it tends to grow back a little faster after a cut.

I have been connected to the CGM for about a day now - more on that later this week...


Marcia (123 blog) said... Best Blogger Tips

They do adapt so quickly!

Has he been clingier than usual with you now that you're home? Like Connor was with D?

Or was he totally "normal" like Kendra?

Next time you're in Jhb, please contact me - we can at least do a quick supper in the evening, or a coffee.....

sweets said... Best Blogger Tips

I think he was more "normal", even a little - "who are you?", or "what, am I good enough now for you after you left for a few day?"... When I got home he was already asleep, but woke shortly after and only wanted N - no itnerest in me whatsoever... And to be honest, I was a little hurt....

I will let you know for sure... Next one on the horizon is in November.