Monday, December 6, 2010

as the year is coming to an end

I hate year ends. I am not really sure why – I get sad sometimes (not for any particular reason), and mostly I feel as though I was supposed to accomplish something more during the year than I had. On the other hand, I do not do New Year resolutions – mainly because in the past when I did I never or hardly ever kept to them. They were silly ones really, maybe that was why. This year I feel a bit different. I think I was just too overwhelmed last year to feel anything – I still had a small baby, meaning less sleep, and was still trying to find my place in the whole motherhood journey. I don’t know if I have found that place yet though!

I do have some feeling of regret this year – but too be honest not much. I am not that sad that the year has ended, but rather excited to experience Christmas with my boy (last year did not really count....), and excited about what the New Year holds for my family. There are some things I should have done but didn’t, but I will let this pass, and concentrate on what I can achieve next year. And maybe I should rethink those resolutions, and maybe make a few this time round.

But for now I will start to think about my break – which starts in just a week and a half! Cannot wait to spend all that time with the little boy who goes “Ahhh” when mommy yawns :)