Thursday, December 2, 2010

first birthdays, grommets, teeth, metformin

So a few things have happened since my last post....

The boy turned 1 – WHAT?!! When did that happen? I could not believe that the year has gone by so fast. It brought back lots of memories – memories of his sudden delivery, his stint in the NICU, the start of my maternity leave, how crap I was actually feeling all that time, trying to sit after a c-section, hospital, hospital, and going home for the first time with a baby. All in all it has been a great year I think, it was hard (very hard at times), but I would not change anything...

After another couple of ear infections we had surgery done a couple of week ago. He had grommets put into both ears, and the doctor also did some type of sinus sweep / wash out. Luckily his adenoids were fine, so these could stay put . And all I can say is that a baby waking up after anaesthetic is not fun at all – I have never heard him scream like that! But he did really well afterwards I think. I spent most of the week home with him, which was a bit of fun.

Just before seeing the ENT we had a 1 year follow-up hearing test. He had no problems with his test at hospital, and I had not noticed anything amiss, so I thought it was going to be a breeze. However they picked up some issues with his right ear, but this was most likely due to fluid in his year because of all the infection he had been having. So on the 21st we head back to the audiologist for a follow-up. I am pretty sure that this one will be fine.

He is growing well. Another two teeth made their appearance the week of the 15th of November. They are HUGE! (top 2). On Monday I noticed that his top right lateral incisor has also cut through. He has really been great with this whole teething experience, and I hope this will continue! We hardly know when there is anything going on in there until it has basically cut through the gum. Yesterday he also bit me (it was my own fault...), and actually drew a little bit of blood! Little vampire!

Still crawling as though for an Olympic medal, and cruising all along the furniture. He is now able to stand unaided, but does not do it too often. He loves clapping his hands together, which is really cute. I love how he can understand so much already – when I ask him to clap (without showing any hand movements) he will (although at times he just looks at me and laughs), and when I ask him to kiss me he gives me a nice sloppy version of his own on my mouth (I love him!!).

Diabetes has gotten the better of me a few times, but things seemed to have settled down again. I started metformin last night (500mg Glucophage XR). I have not had any uncomfortable symptoms yet, so I hope it stays that way. Going to be interesting to see how it is going to be affecting my insulin requirements over the next few weeks.

And in two weeks I start my holiday! CANNOT wait. I am only having about 2 weeks off, and unfortunately my husband will be working over the festive period. I am going to have to be well prepared for my little guy, as he has become extremely busy lately...