Monday, March 28, 2011

who are the kids in this family

Over the weekend the three of us visited a new shop close by - stocking only Lego. We went in, not intending to buy anything, only look at what they have available. There were so many cool things in there!! Both my husband and I had to contain ourselves... My boy was also very excited, walking around and pointing excitedly at some of the boxes. We ended up leaving with a Lego toy box and two sets of Duplo. Back home we emptied the Duplo he already had into the box, and opened the one box to add to it. The nicer set - a Cars Duplo set with 3 cars and a "petrol station" has been left packed away for later. I am going to have to stay away from this shop!!

I have connected the CGMS to start basal testing. I hate inserting it so much, and the insertion device just never seems to work for me. Hope to start running tests tomorrow. This time round I really want to get it done quickly and really get my basal rates sorted. I have been using the bolus wizard on my pump, and I must admit that it has been working well - much better than I expected. I am anticipating some insulin to carb ratio changes and I am pretty sure I am compensating for incorrect basal rates with these. Will feel so much better one these are done, as it will mean that if I need to go onto any treatment for the sarcoidosis it will be easier to manage any changes.