Monday, March 15, 2010

an adult dinner

Don't get me wrong - I love spending time with my boy, and I do miss him when he is not with me.  But, a dinner, with only adults every now and then is godsend!  Since the birth of my boy we have had three of these.  I guess in some people's worlds this is a lot...  This weekend my mom visited, so we took the opportunity to go for dinner with a couple of friends on Friday night.  The night was very good (although, considering that it is a fairly well known place, the food was really nothing exciting at all!  Actually, my meat was pretty crap...), we just spent chatting without having to worry about a baby :).  the rest of the weekend was relaxed.  The husband did a cycle race yesterday while I had lunch with my parents before my mom returned home.  So now I am starting to pack, and stress out!  As though traveling with a baby was not enough I know need to start "thinking" about my basals rates etc, as I will be traveling across way too many time zones...  I have done a similar trip a couple of years back, and things were not too bad.  Hopefully this time round will be the same!

Well, I need to go rescue my boy - he has moved himself into a rather uncomfortable position, and can no longer grab onto his toys ;)


Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

3 does sound great but I've been tres chicken at leaving ours with anyone else due to the reflux.

I say if you can, do it :)

We took ours with us to an upmarket place that we LOVED pre-baby in the weekend. But it was lunch and we timed it for 2.30pm when we knew they'd be quiet. They welcomed us with open arms. Even with a baby. It was bliss. We felt so grown up again.

Basals and time zones... argh :)

Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Sweets, I've had to clamp my blog down - creepy bad stuff happened this morning :( I'd love for you to be able to access it still, but I'll need your email address. So... if you're able - can you please email me at Thanks :)