Thursday, March 4, 2010

all clear :)

So my doctors visit went well - it ended with "you do not have to see me again" - great!  All is back to normal now, and I now only need to keep an eye on my blood pressure once a month - it has returned to normal, and I have been off all meds for about 3 months now.  It was such a pain having to measure blood pressure (and glucose...), and I tended to forget most of the time.  So, he just mentioned, as did my OBGYN, that although I am at higher risk of getting PE in a next pregnancy, it is not guaranteed.  We have kind of settled on just having one, although we still have some frozen embryos left - not yet decided what to do with themWe will likely keep them until we are certain that we do not want to use them.  He also mentioned "we will support you should you decide to fall pregnant again", which kind of put a bit of a damper on the whole "maybe one day I would want another one"..., and "you need to go into it with your eyes open, and be aware of the risks with having Type 1 diabetes and the risk of PE again"...  Anyway, not really things I need or want to ponder right now.

Now would it not be great if an Endo visit could end with "you do not need to see me again"!  Still due a visit, but seems as though I will only do it when I return from my trip.  I leave in a week and a half and could not be more excited!  We have our visas, I still need to call the airline regarding the bassinet etc., and then start on my list.  My guy has a round of vaccinations next week as well as a paed visit (just a check-up).  Then only packing and stressing left for me!  I have one stop - a 2 hour domestic flight and then the dreaded 14 hour flight...

Blood sugars are "okay", not great at all.

So glad the weekend is almost here!  At least then the husband is home so I have a bit more company :)

And my boy - he is doing great.  Still sleeping well at night.  Just been having some issues with his feeding now and then, but it may just be the horrible hot weather.  I also want to giving him water again - in the past he would take one sip, realise it wasn't milk, then spit it back out.

Now I am going to enjoy the rest of my glass of great wine, then off to bed :)


Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

So baby's 4 months old and you're getting great news already :) Brilliant!! I know I'm being nosey but did you settle on one because of the PE or for other reasons? If it's because of the PE I'm happy to talk with you offline (or you could trawl thru my blog) and see how we went from a 25 weeker and PE to PE free 34 weeker. Nothing like medical TLC and drugs ;)

LOL about the Endo EVER saying those sweet words. HA.

Have a fantastic weekend :)

sweets said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Saffy. Well, PE has probably become on of the reasons. Initially we decided on one only, and then with the fertility treatments added we thought we would just do it for one (or if it ended up being twins...). We have decided to keep our embryos until we are sure we do not want to use them. I am not sure I would want to go through IVF or anything like that again either, so a natural pregnancy would be much preferred. With the PE - we were so lucky that we had him at 34 weeks - a pretty good age, and he was good, lungs were great - he greeted us with a hearty scream. I had been concerned as there had been no time for steroids... But I know it can be done, and we can have another healthy baby :) and great to know there will be people like you out there to chat to!