Tuesday, March 16, 2010

leaving on a jet plane (or 2)

Tomorrow we are off!  A two hour domestic flight to Joburg, a 3 hour wait, then 14 hours to our final destination - Sydney.  I cannot wait!!  Cannot wait to see my friend and her 1 year old, to have that feeling you have when you visit a country for the first time, but...  I have never been this anxious about a trip before!  My first flight with my boy, and I am doing it alone!  So either I am very brave, or completely crazy.  I go with the latter :).  Although truth be told, I do not foresee having too much issues with him, he should sleep most of the international leg of the trip.  Jet lag however is going to be interesting.  Then add to the jet lag (along with the jet lagged infant), basal changes to the pump.... mmmm, an interesting holiday indeed - I C A N N O T wait!

And the people sitting next to me may need some well wishes...