Monday, April 19, 2010

in preparation

For the past week we have been working on a "routine" in preparation for my return back to work - next week!!  I needed something that would give me time to get done in the mornings, and some sort of idea of what would happen when I got home in the evening.  We have been just prodding along up until now, with the only "routine" followed being his feeding.  So now we have more of a "schedule", which includes his bottle feeds, his meals, and "potential" naps.  I say "potential" because as babies go they tend to have different plans to what you have when it comes to their sleeping!

He is now having 3 meals a day - I cannot believe this!  My boy now has fruit and a little yogurt for breakfast, and veggies for both other meals.  Cereal was a pain, he cried, did not want to eat it at all, and after some discussion with a nurse/midwife we decided to drop it.  She also mentioned that due to refinement most of them will anyway aid in constipation - something we definitely do not need more of!  So, to help him a little in this department I have been adding a little bit of prunes to his breakfast every couple of days.  The meals are going great - he loves it!  Uses both his hands to pull the spoon into his mouth.  I must say that these feeds are a lot more interesting that those boring bottle feeds (or thinking back to tube feeding in hospital!), but damn they get messy!  I finally know what bibs are for :)

This week  we will also do a little trial at the daycare for a few hours - some of the time I will spend there, and then I will also leave him there for an hour or so.

Tomorrow is my dreaded Endo appointment - results of not only the A1c expected, but also some other levels I am nervous about!  I am really hoping that it is not as bad as I think it is going to be....

In other news - two baby girls born to friends in the past week.  Two very different stories, but with two healthy babies at the end of them.