Tuesday, June 15, 2010

feel it, it is here

Not only has the Soccer World Cup arrived in our country, but winter has arrived in full force.  Today on the way to work the temperature was 6 degrees Celsius.  Various mountain passes have been closed this morning due to snow, and we are still expecting some rain in our city today.  Yesterday morning while still in bed my husband's words were "it feels as though we are in a washing machine" because of the rain we were having.  And as irony and just bad luck would have it - our lounge got flooded within that hour :(.

But, today is a good day as tomorrow is a public holiday!  I had to stay home yesterday to clean up the mess, so a short working week for me.  We got it all cleaned up (thankfully we don't have carpets) and will have to see if the floor is damaged in a couple of days.  I hope it is not, as the thought of having to repair / redo it is not fun at all.

And in other news - we actually went to see two show houses on Sunday.  One which we liked, the other not so much - not much of a garden and yard for my fella to play in.  And yesterday we went to the bank to get some info on costs etc. of a new mortgage, and also what we would qualify for.  So we have decided to put our place on the market now (still need to speak to estate agent) and continue looking at the same time.  So I have all my bits crossed that everything happens real fast!

It seems as though my boy will be crawling soon.  For the past week he has been managing to lift his whole upper boy, and then his bum too.  Gets into the position and keeps it there for a little while but then drops back down.  So just a matter of time I am sure.