Wednesday, June 23, 2010

here and there

On Monday the man and I took the day off to go see a Fifa World Cup game - Portugal vs North Korea.  Oh my word - what a game, and what an experience!  We had so much fun, despite the cold cold weather and the rain.  Luckily our seats were completely covered, so we did not get wet during the match at all.  I did not expect the level of noise though!  We wore earplug throughout most of the game.  When I took mine out just as it ended I was shocked!  cannot imagine how people coped without earplugs....  Portugal beat the Koreans 7-0.

The day care is run by a Portuguese mom and daughter.  Over the weekend I found a cute little Portuguese kit for my boy and we dressed him in this on Monday - they loved it!  This Friday Portugal takes on Brazil, so they are hoping that I will be dressing him up again - but, the person looking after him is from Brazil, so I hope to find something to support her this time round :)...

After a great blood sugar day yesterday I woke during the night with a serious low blood sugar.  I downed a juice box, and then proceeded to finish off a chocolate.  For a change it tasted good (during lows things tend not to taste good, and everything tends to have the same taste for me), so I thought I may have over indulged.  I woke up with a good reading though, so all is good!

I don't have much more than this happening at the moment....  My little fella is still a bit under the weather so we added some more meds - to clear some phlegm and from today to clear a runny nose.  The past two nights have been good with no night wakings, so it must be working!  I am suspecting that allergies are also affecting it all, so at our 9 month visit I will be requesting tests.


Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

So, were the Portugese as good looking in person as their pics indicated????

Poor little guy. I hope, if it is an allergy, that it's an 'easy' one... if there is such a thing.

I get the things-all-taste-the-same/can't-taste-it-at-all from hypos too. Weird. Glad you nailed it tho.

Yay for 2 nights of sleep.

Kaitake said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so jealous you get to go to a game! They look like so much fun, but those vuvuzela thingys sound really annoying, we end up watching most of the games with the volume on mute :P