Tuesday, June 1, 2010

house hunting

We bought a flat / apartment a few years back.  It is quite large, but only has 2 bedrooms.  It was never really a long-term plan anyway, and when we decided to try for baby we discussed what we would do.  The plan was that once he was born we would immediately start looking for a house, to give us enough time to move by the time he turned one.  However, this did not go according to plan.   So now we have talked and we really need to get our asses into gear!  Last night we did some budgets.... So next step is talking to someone regarding the size mortgage we would get, and then also start looking at selling our current place.  It is quite exciting, and I am actually really looking forward to moving eventually - not the packing and unpacking and all that of course! 

While we still have some space in our current place, it is not really going to work for us for much longer.  The little fella is taking up more and more space every day.  And we never really wanted him to grow up in an apartment anyway.  I will miss living there - while I do like gardens etc., an apartment is so much less stress in some ways!

I am looking forward to some off days in the next coupld of months, most of which will likely be spent with my boy, and at time boys :).  Makes work a little easier knowing it lies ahead!


Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

Sweets, that IS exciting. I get the need for more space :) We came really close to buying an apartment, but settled for a house close to the city instead. A bit like you, we like to look at gardens but hate weeding and mowing lawns - it's time we'd rather spend doing other things. I'm sure your little fella will appreciate some lawn to run around on in the next 6-12 months. Can't wait to hear about where you end up :)