Thursday, June 24, 2010

fond memories

I have recently read posts on forums and blogs about when does a pregnancy actually feel real.  One post that I relate to so much mentions that even now that she has her babies she still sometimes wonders if they are hers...

I thought I was the only one!  Throughout my pregnancy I did not really "feel it".  I was always waiting for some revelation, or event, or just something, anything... to happen to make it real - like passing the 12 weeks mark, feeling the baby move for the first time, starting to show etc.  These things all happened, and yet still it did not fell real.  Telling people also did not make it that real too me.  Showing - well I just thought I looked fatter than normal.  And feeling movement - hardly felt him move and sometimes when I think I did I never really knew if it was real or not!

I have very fond memories of my pregnancy (and not so fond ones too...), especially the early days.  Like the day I found out I was pregnant, and the subsequent great beta results proving this one was sticking.  I constantly felt like I was keeping this really great secret!  I would sit and smile at odd times during the day when it was all I could think about.

And even now, nearly 8 months of actually being a mom, I still look at him with disbelief that he is actually mine.  that I am actually a MOTHER - when did that happen!?

My baby turns 8 months in a short few days.  And I cannot even begin to express how much more I love him today than I did the day he was born, or even yesterday!  I would never have imagined that you could ever love someone this much.


Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

Cluck cluck :)

I was the same with D. Perhaps it was because I didn't get to 'keep' her big brother. So when she had to go back into hospital a week after being released from the NICU I was a little apathetic, which I know sounds awful - almost like 'oh right, so I'm giving her back now?'.

I didn't tell people I was pg fro ages. And yeah, I just felt fat for ages! Movement? Bugger all. An anterior placenta. Basically just fat and constantly vomiting. Classy.

I know mine's mine now. It's the wiping the nose and being the preferred place to cuddle - she tells me all the time.

What a lucky little fella to have a mommy who loves him as much as you do.

Kaitake said... Best Blogger Tips

Aww, this is a lovely post. It shows just how much you love your little guy :) I don't believe there is a "right" way to do anything, and experiences are different for everybody. You post just proves that you are an individual. And there ain't nuthin wrong with that! :D

sweets said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks guys...

Oh and Saffy - it is scary how much we have in common - anterior plancenta this side too! Rhesus negative blood group by any chance?

Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

LMAO!!! A neg!!!