Friday, June 4, 2010

Pump upgrade

And once again it is Friday.  Sometimes I feel as though my weeks consist of only Mondays and Fridays.  The weekends fly by, but so do the weeks...

I plan on relaxing this weekend, and especially tonight.  We had dinner with my in-laws last night and got home quite late, so I am a bit sleep deprived today.  Dinner was very nice, with a nice glucose reading at the end when I got home (and then a rage correction bolus was followed by a low :()

And on the diabetes front - I met with a "Diabetes Educator" this week.  I have never used one before, have always just been managed by an Endo.  I really enjoyed the visit, which was to discuss pumps and joining a diabetes programme run by my Endo.  The "Educator" is his wife, a "retired" GP, and was great!  We discussed upgrading my pump - I am now just waiting for a call from the Medtronic rep to put the wheels into motion.  At the visit we decided to move to the Paradigm 722 - I am currently on a 712, in stead of upgrading to the new Veo (which I believe is something similar to the recently launched Revel in the States, but with an additional function of automatically shutting down the basal delivery if glucose levels drop below a certain point).  The feeling I got was that there are some additional functions to this new pump, but if you are not going to constantly wear the CGM you will not use these.  I just want to do some reading on the differences between the two, as apparently there is also not that much of a price difference.  She has let Medtronic know however that we are going with the 722 (but I guess I can still change my mind....).  She even gave me a new meter - granted it is identical to the one I have, but it is great!  I have been using my current one for more than 4 years now and love it.  In that time I have tried two others but they did not appeal to me.

I have also joined the programme - it does not cost me anything additional, but gives me access to some additional services at no extra cost.  Extra strips - YAY!, and the possibility of receiving LESS pump supplies.  yes you read it - less...  I currently have a draw filled with reservoirs and cannulas and the way I am currently receiving this I cannot have a "break" in delivery without causing issues with my insurance.  I found out yesterday that these supplies actually expire!  Need to check on that....

And more on that - I am considering / thinking about / contemplating Metformin.


Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

TOO MANY supplies? I'm speechless. Says she who has to pay for hers out of her own pocket. Hmmmm.

Do we get piccys of the new pump? I guess I could google. Do you get to choose a color?

You know my thoughts on Metformin. Do you read Lemonade Life? Allison takes it too.

Happy relaxing weekend hon :)

Kaitake said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooh sounds exciting! New toys! Good to hear you've got a good educator :D They can be worth their weight in gold.