Thursday, July 8, 2010

eating and drinking

I have always thought me lucky - when we introduced solids it was such a breeze.  We never had ANY issues when introducing something new - not even green veggies!  I was slightly disappointed that I did not get the cool photo that day (called N to get the camera ready as I was about to start the feed....).  But now, slowly, small little issues are creeping in.

First off, he hated, HATED, the hake I tried over the weekend.  Yes I know he will not always like everything I give, but I was surprised.  I will try it again soon though (perhaps without the little bit of sauce I tried it with...).  So, because I have really no clue what I am doing, and because I am not that great a cook, I have ordered some cook books.  For now have got Annabel Karmel's Pasta and also her Finger Foods one for a little later.  The Pasta book has some interesting ones for the whole family, and at the start some dishes that I think will be great for him (the "baby" dishes).  And... they can be frozen!  So this weekend I will be trying something from there.  I just want a little more variety than we currently have.

Starting to have some issues with bottles too.  Currently he has 3 bottles a day (totalling about 600ml).  At daycare he has one of these, and they have telling me that he does not take it.  I asked them to give it half hour later, but he is still only taking a very little of it on some days.  So today I asked that hie "snack" and juice be given a little earlier in the morning, as I think this was also having an effect.  With us he takes it better it seems.  I will have to see how things go.  the main issue with the day care has been the morning nap, as they sometimes just let him sleep, a couple of time apparently up to 3 hours!  Which I thought was way too much - he wakes up late, has gets snack and juice an hour before lunch etc...  So really hope that things get better.

On the juice bottle front - he is taking it much better than before.  Actually, it is his "sippy cup".  He hated it at first.  Generally he gets really watered down juice, sometimes tea (which he does not seem to like that much), and sometimes water (same here...).  However, he does not drink that much of it.  There have been a few days when he has quite a bit though.  I very seldom "feed" this one to him as he likes holding it himself and playing with it.


Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

Sometimes our darlings frustrate the heck out of us, don't they??

I bet you'll end up scoffing some of Annabel's pasta down yourself. Her food is delicious :)

May little fella decide to play ball nicely soon!