Friday, July 30, 2010

a trip away from home

I was nominated for something at work (no prizes or anything like that, it is just to kind of be the person in our division that is aware of a larger organisation project which will be taking place over the next couple of years, or something to that effect anyway).  And well, the start of this is a workshop that will take place in Johannesburg over three days.  Which will mean 3 nights away from home for me.  In a week and a half!!  Now, I have known that this was a possibility when I returned to work.  But I never really thought about it, or expected it so soon.  And while I can probably try to get myself out of it (which is probably not really a good thing in the grand scheme of things), a work trip is bound to happen at some point in the future - so I might as well get over it now....  I cannot actually believe how much it has been on my mind since yesterday.  Dropping C off at day care that first day I returned to work after a whole SIX months was much easier than I anticipated - people told me how hard it was for them, how they cried all the way to work...  I had no such problem, dropped him off, kissed him good bye, and off I went.  But a few nights away from him is sounding a bit daunting at the moment.  I am sure it is all going to go down without a hitch, but I cannot help but wish I did not have to do this!

I don't do these trips that often, but often enough for me...  I am not that familiar with Joburg, so it can be very lonely when I am there for a few days.  I stopped traveling during my first trimester (after I think about 3 trips) because at times those trips were just way too stressful and I did not want to add more stress to my life as it was.  At times it seems as though there are lots of meetings and workshops to attend up north, but then a long time can pass before it is necessary for me again.  I also remember traveling to Joburg once when I needed a day 21 blood test done at the start of our fertility journey - a day trip, this one planned well in advance, and then my body decides that now is the time...

Looking forward to this weekend.  We have a brunch at the day care tomorrow.  N's friend's baby is being baptised on Sunday, so we need to attend that too.

Off to the paed this morning for a 9 month check up.  But he is once again all "clogged up".