Thursday, July 1, 2010

long weekends away and purple pumps and sick babies

I am so glad that it is almost weekend - well, I am glad every week when Thursday / Friday makes an appearance and I can look forward to some relaxing (sometimes) and spending more time with my boy.

N (the husband) and I decided to take Monday and Tuesday off and get out of the cities for a few days.  We went to a little coastal town on Sunday and returned to the city on Monday.  It was fun.  We did not really do much, and it was good to just get away for a change.  The weather was good on Monday so we were able to take a nice walk.

My pump has been ordered!  I am strangely quite excited and cannot wait to get it.  It should hopefully be delivered tomorrow, along with my first ever CGMS - although I aill not be wearing this permanently.  I am in desperate need of some basal testing and have been holding off to do it with the CGM, so next week I will be doing that hopefully.  And then once those are all in order I want to really crack down on my carb to insulin ratios.

I took C (the little fella) back to the doc last Friday.  The doc suspects (as I have suspected since just after his birth) that he has allergies.  I had (environmental) as a child, and both N's brothers also have it.  So we have been advised to cut out dairy to see if that will make a difference.  He has been getting better - but probably more because of the new meds he has been on.  we switched his milk to Nan HA, and so fa things are okay.  I have added some prunes back into his diet (probably just going to do that every second day), as he was on a formula for constipated babies before.  Paed said that with the change in milk we may have that problem cropping up again.

We also saw the midwife on Saturday.  On the eating front he is doing great, and despite not being that well his appetite has still been good.  He has just been struggeling a bit with bottles at times when his nose is quite congested.  He now weighs 8.3kg, and is around 67.5cm long.

And in other sadder news, N's mom was told last week that her cancer is back.  She was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer about 2 years ago.  Had a hysterectomy and chemo and has been clear since.  She will be starting chemo again.


Kaitake said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh that's no good that bubs is not feeling too good. I hope he's feeling better soon. Sorry to hear about your MIL. That's really sad. :(

Will you post pictures of your new pump when you get it? :)

Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh hon, ARGH about the MIL - that is sad. Hopefully the chemo will wave its magic wand.

Good on C for growing nicely :) Hopefully the switch in diet will help his allergies too.

Yay for the purple pump. Can't wait to see pics.