Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a very short week

My little week long stay at home was over in a flash.  I got nothing done that I had planned to do - i.e. my taxes... But it was good :)

N left for his hike on Tuesday.  Interesting to see how C responded to his absence.  In the evenings he would keep staring at the door, expecting him I guess.  Other than that he was a good boy for mama.  My mom visited for a couple of days, and while I love my mom it was a relief when she left!  I think we both had the same idea about the time she spent with us - a little break... Which meant I had to see to C (while she played with him), and all the other things too, as well as "entertain" her.  After she left it was just C and me for a few days - we spent most of the time at home, but with "outings" every day.  N returned late Sunday night.  He really enjoyed the hike, but we were very happy to have him back home!

Tomorrow C will be 9 months - a whole 9 months!  I cannot believe it.  He is growing so well, and getting cuter every day.  Still not crawling forward (seems to be a bit of a late bloomer...), and getting very frustrated when he cannot get to where he wants to go.  He is able to turn 360 degrees both when on his tummy and in the sitting position.  He loves his baths (in the big bath now), and I really love this time with him.  His hair is out of control, and after always insisting I would not have it cut I am now considering a bit of a trim.  No teeth yet either, but I think maybe something is going to come through soon.  His gums still looks pretty much the same as it has the past couple of months, but they definitely seem to be bothering him at the moment.  Feeding is going great - although fussiness has set in, and he knows what he likes - yoghurt....  So there is some bribing at night at dinner time.  Having some problems with bottles - he is looking interest in his afternoon one.

Today is vaccination day for us - measles and prevenar.  We will do chicken pox once they have stock again.  And on Friday his 9 month visit with the paed.  Health wise he is doing much better - still a bit of a runny nose, but the coughing has subsided a bit much to my relief!  We started using a humidifier about a week ago and it really has made a heck of a difference.

N's mom had been discharged from hospital.  She has to recover from the op she had before starting treatment.

And now for a little online shopping :)


Marcia (123 blog) said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Sweets!

I've seen you commenting before on Saffy's blog.

Thanks for visiting! I do hope we can sort out their naps soon - I've told the nanny to try extending the "going down" time by 30 mins today to see if they sleep longer and then if they do, we don't have to worry if they only take one nap

P.S. Are you in NZ? Or SA?

Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

You made me smile about your little fella and his feeding - reminded me of someone else I know :)

Is he really 9 months now????? :O

Thank goodness he's on the mend - that has been a very protracted illness, poor little hon.

Hope the online shopping resulted in some great finds.