Monday, September 20, 2010

a little update

I cannot believe that in just about a week C will be a whole 11 months old. It has been, but far, the most exciting, tiring, happy, scary (and a whole load of other emotions) year of my life.

My boy is growing well. He now weighs about 9.2/3kg (he was 9.1 about 2 weeks ago, so that is my guestimate....), and about 73cm long, from his 2.3kg and 45cm birth weight and length. He is crawling ALL over the place (started crawling at about 9 months), and standing and cruising around the furniture. Cannot believe how fast they are able to crawl! He cut his first two teeth on his 10th month birthday, and so far there are no signs of the other teeth at all.

He is sleeping well, except when he is blocked up. Goes to bed about 19:00 and up at about 06:00. He is doing great at the daycare, and seems to love playing with the other little ones.  Mom also likes the daycare, but like all moms find, I have a few little niggles.  However, the love they seem to have for the little ones far outweigh those.  My issues really are negligable (things like - they have not given me back all his clothes and I am running low on vests etc.  Get this - they don't send back dirty clothes!  How awesome is that :))

Feeding is going great - with 3 full meals a day, 3 bottles, and a couple of snacks. I moved him onto a straw cup from the sippy about 3 weeks ago, and it is going well.  He is however starting to show some preferences and at some meal times he can be a bit hardheaded.  I guess it may just be payback time for me, as my mom has told me in the past what an issue feeding me used to be.

Unfortunately he came down with something this weekend again - he got a fever and after trying some meds etc. to get it down it carried on rising and reached 39.7 by the time we got to the doctor.  He is now on his second round of antibiotics this month! I have found the "sick" parts the most difficult to deal with (the snottiness (due to the allergies) has practically become a way of life - we deal with these quite well I think), as most of the time I think I am not even aware that anything is wrong until he is in too much discomfort. He generally does not act "sick" - once I got to the doc for something unrelated and he turned out to have tonsillitis and middle ear infection. These are the times I feel like such a bad mother for not reacting sooner, but other times I am not really sure how to react, for fear of seeming to be a little bit of a control freak or a "too worried" mom. I know that I am supposed to "trust my instinct", and truth be told that this is what has helped on many occasions.

Despite not feeling too great the weekend my folks enjoyed spending time with him.  they live about 2 hours away and we had decided to visit.  I think my mom feels as though she is missing out on a lot (and I guess in a way she is).  I really need to make a little more of an effort.

Oh, and diabetes this weekend - Diabetes 1, Me 0 :(


Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

Firstly, LOVE your new header. What a story it tells. And what a handsome little guy.

Poor little fella - and you guys - 39.7 must've been scary. One of my work mates told me that snot, even without allergies, is a symbol of toddlerhood. Yummy.

As for the feeling like a bad mother for not reacting sooner? Guilt apparently comes with the territory. You got him there when you thought you needed to. He's okay. Can't believe he had tonsillitis. That's mega unfair on such a little fella.

The thought of your little guy using a sippy cup makes him seem so grown up. What's his all time favorite food so far?

May your week bring the score to Diabetes 1, You 5 :)

sweets said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks :) I thought maybe pic 3 was a little TMI.

Toddlerhood - WHAT!! I am not ready for that just yet....

Favourite food - has to be yoghurt. But he also likes small ricecakes which are covered in yoghurt. In terms of food he does not seem to have anything that stands out. Although pasta is a winner (I think it is the sauce.... tomato based)