Friday, September 3, 2010

quick update

Life has been, well, hectic.

This is just a quick update, as I am about to leave the office...

My boy cut his first tooth on Saturday, and the next one on Wednesday.  He was a real trooper, only slightly miserable.  But last night he ran a fever, sleep was a bit "disturbed", and then this morning he seemed fine again.  But I have just got a call that he has a fever again...  Pretty sure it is probably related to the teething - I don't really know.  Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be better.

Blood sugar has been okay, but I can see the effect work stress has on it. I wanted to continue basal testing - still have some to do, but have not gotten round to it again.  I tried another sensor last week, but managed to "dislodge" it after a day or so.  I need to try remembering that it is there!