Monday, September 6, 2010

sick days

What a weekend this has been....

On Friday I left work early to see to my boy.  When we got home he did not seem to bad and played around a bit.  His temperature was still a bit high, but seemed to be coming down.  I gave him another dose of paracetamol and let him sleep a while.  We spoke to the paed who also thought it could just be the teething, but could also be some sort of virus.  She suggested we watch for any other symptoms and call her if things changed.  Later in the afternoon his fever hit 40.3, and I made the call again.  But she had already left for the weekend and the receptionist took some details and said we need to get it down, and he needs to see someone.  She gave us the name of the paed on call for the weekend.  N was home by now so we decided to call his uncle and took C to see him.  So we got some meds for pain and antibiotics to clear him up.  He has a middle ear infection (again) and his throat was also inflamed.  He also thought that the anti histamines we have been using was probably keeping the symptoms at bay too.

The rest of the weekend was better - Friday night was a little bit of hell though.  Last night he also seemed a bit uncomfortable so I will see how he copes today.  It is so heart breaking watching him cry in pain when there is nothing you can do!

So that was pretty much my weekend.