Wednesday, September 29, 2010

basal testing aaaaargh!

I have yet to wear a sensor for the full 6 days (there I was thinking I will even push beyond!).  I inevitably forget that it is there, and then manage to knock it out - either with darling C when playing around, or just banging into stuff.  Very expensive I tell you!  And then yesterday I tried all day in vain to get a sensor connected, but the pump would just not cooperate.  eventually had to ditch that one too.  Must have been a dud one, because this morning's one connected just fine.  And I thought that I could finally get going with my afternoon basal test!  Boy was I wrong, as my blood sugar has other ideas.  I delayed breakfast a bit and my 2 hour spike of 12 kept rising and rising, so I had to correct and I had reached my "cut off time".  I am a bit disappointed.  hopefully tomorrow will go better - but I am opting for a different slightly higher protein breakfast.  Hope that will do the trick (oh no, just realised I have a work lunch / snack function... well, will see how I feel in the morning).

I hope to get some things done before I see my Endo.  I have finally mustered up the courage and will make an appointment.  On Monday I will go for bloods - HbA1c.  And some additional - thyroid, a full blood count and ESR, and iron studies.  I have had iron issues in the past, and was suspecting it may be what is causing slightly more than usual tiredness at the moment (although it could also just be stress or something....).

While I am not much of a hot summer gal, I am really welcoming the warmer weather.  Makes for better outings over weekends with C.  He loves the swing, so any opportunity I get I put him in one.  He just smiles and giggles up at me.  Too cute!

1 months to go before the big 1!!