Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the big test

It really feels like forever since I last saw my endo. And to be honest, I would rather keep it that way for the moment.... My next appointment is on Thursday morning. Which means I need to do the dreaded HbA1C by tomorrow latest. For the past two years or so it has been great. When we decided to have the little guy I got those numbers in check. By the time I was pregnant it was about 6.5% I think (6.9% a month or so before), and since then I have not seen a number over 7%. And it felt really good - you get the result and the appointment just goes so much easier. I feel as though I need not explain anything, make excuses, or give long explanations about anything. But this past couple of months with everything that has been going on, diabetes control has taken a little bit of a back seat. So I have the perfect excuse, but I still feel judged based on that number, who am I kidding - I judge myself based on that number!

And on other thing A1C - a friend has just been classified as a "high glycator", which got me thinking about the test again. I really need to read up more about high and low glycators, as it seems this can have quite a significant impact on your result.