Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tantrums are here...

Where do kids learn the ins and out of tantrums? No, seriously, who teaches this to them??

My boy is starting to master the art of a tantrum. While we have not yet had any major blow outs, with arms-and-legs-flaying-screaming-on-the-floor sessions in public, we have had a few mini-tantrums at home. He does not get his way, body pulls stiff, if he is on the floor legs kicking, and a lot of time he tends to turn his back on you while doing this. It is SO hard not to laugh! I am just hoping that we will be spared the embarrassing public ones :)

He is getting busier and more active by the day - if that is even possible! 2 blue knocks on the forehead to prove it, and last night he ran, slipped, and again hit his head full on. Poor baby.. But that does not deter him or stop him in any way. Once the crying is over he just continues whatever it was he was doing before.

This weekend we have a family wedding out of town. I am looking forward to it as we decided to spend the whole weekend away. Got a dress and everything sorted for the wedding, and even had a cut and colour over the past weekend. Really that was to make me feel a little better because of my chipmunk face and half a smile which I am still dealing with.... Hope I don't look to weird on the photos!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh gosh.. I used to do that.. and I even REMEMBER them!! Back then though, when I used to throw myself on the floor in a shop, it was relatively "safe" for my mom to just leave me there - as soon as I noticed she was gone, I'd stop... But I cannot imagine how mortifying it must've been for her. That said - so so so many moms experience it. Goodness knows I just may - the wheel turns.........

blackhuff said... Best Blogger Tips

I sometimes also ask this question: Where do they learn to master the skills of tantrums? Sigh. My youngest also do this ... I know it's going to stop, but heck, I so hope it's soon.
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