Thursday, March 10, 2011

sick days

What a week, or should I say few weeks!

The weekend away and wedding was wonderful. I wish we could have stayed a bit longer... It was so great being out of town for a few days. Unfortunately there was not really much time for relaxing, but we enjoyed the time there nonetheless.

So a bit of a health update... I am definitely improving, and I must add that it has been by far the longest few weeks of my life! I have some movement back in my mouth, although my smile is still completely lopsided. My speech has improved, but I still slur my words at night when I am tired. Some movement has returned in my cheek to - just slight, and it mainly twitches when I try to move it. My eye is basically shutting at night now, but still not blinking 100%, so I am still suffering a bit of dryness during the day. But I am so relieved! After seeing a few more doctors and having some blood tests done, it was established I never had mumps. The parotid gland swelling finally started going down at the end of last week. This has not yet fully recovered either.

And then yesterday I get the call that my boy is running a fever and not eating. When I collected him soon after they had tried feeding him more but he did not keep anything down. Back to the doctor we went (I think we need a frequent visitor card now or something!). I stayed home with him yesterday, and he seems much better today.


blackhuff said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds pretty hectic there at your house with everyone which is sick. We as family was also sick the last couple of days. Good luck.

Marcia (123 blog) said... Best Blogger Tips

I told you, the whole WORLD is sick :)

Get better soon, both of you!