Thursday, March 24, 2011

health update

I more often than not guess the carb content of my food, and take insulin based on this guess. I would say I have a fair idea of what my insulin to carb ratio is, but it is not perfect. Nevertheless I have managed over the past couple of years to keep a pretty stable HbA1C, and generally stable blood sugars. My only problem has been over treating lows at times, and over correcting highs. Sometimes those numbers just freak me out a bit, and I just want it fixed right then...
Because of the possibility of steroid treatment in future I was told to try using the Bolus Wizard on my pump, just to make things a bit easier when and if that time comes. I have been using it for a few days now, and so far so good. Still pretty stable numbers, but I still have not got it all properly worked out yet. Because of insulin resistance, mainly after my pregnancy I started metformin about 3 months ago - 500mg XR. I have just increased this to 1000mg, and also now waiting for this effect to kick in.
My appointment with the pulmonologist went well. He is a great doctor, and spent a lot of time with me. My lung function tests were all within range, except oxygen usage (but level not low enough for any concern). I had to do a TB test which will be "read" tomorrow, but there has been absolutely no reaction to the PPD - but the chances of TB was low anyway. He confirmed my diagnosis, and said that the swelling in my lungs are generally only caused by three things - sarcoidosis, TB, or lymphoma. With the other symptoms I have experienced over the past few months he is about 95% certain of the sarcoid diagnosis. TB will now be "ruled out", but the only way now to rule out lymphoma, and get a 100% diagnosis would be a lung biopsy, which he does not suggest at this point (unless I feel I want to do it now). If it were cancer it is highly unlikely that my parotid gland swelling would have started to clear with no medication, and it very rarely / never presents with the facial palsy I had. I also lack a few other more common lymphoma symptoms.
So for now no treatment. I need to see the ophthalmologist in a couple of weeks to check on the swelling in my eyes, then I will see the pulmonologist again. If my sense of smell has not improved by then I will immediately start steroids. If it has improved we will wait another month at which time I will have another lung x-ray, lung function tests, and more blood tests to see the progression of the sarcoidosis.
I feel quite relieved at having a diagnosis, but of course I do feel a little let down by my body. There does not seem to be any link between sarcoidosis and Type 1 Diabetes, and I also know of no family that have sarcoidosis. However, sarcoidosis is an immune-type disorder, so it has that in common with Type 1 Diabetes. Seems as though my immune system was just not happy enough with only my pancreas ...


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Shit you have been through the mill! I am relieved you have a diagnosis even if it isn't 100%. Just hoping you are on the mend and your health picks up really quickly.