Monday, May 17, 2010

how could I forget my purse?

This week holds the promise of no rain, which will make coming to work a little easier...

But I was off to a bad start this morning - got to work, unpacked my bag, and NO WALLET! On the morning I did not pack lunch or have breakfast. So here I sit, in an empty office, wondering what time my friend will be in so I can bum some cash off him. And as luck will have it I am probably going to be starving in the next few minutes - and not many people come to work at this ungodly hour...

But, I will not let that ruin my week (I am sure there will be other things that will do it ;)).

I met up with some girls for a movie and lunch on Saturday. It was nice to get out for a bit and do something different, but part of me felt I would have had more fun with my boy - no offense meant to the girls I met with though! It was a bit weird meeting with girls from an infertility forum where most of them had not yet had a baby. On the forum I found that once you have crossed that line you are automatically "graduated" to another group. It is strange (to me) that you can make connections while trying to fall pregnant, but you could possibly loose these entirely once you actually fall pregnant and have a baby. I guess I can understand why this happens, but I never really became, let’s just put it,. "like that". The girls I met with were quite nice though, and there did not seem to be any feelings of animosity.

Well, let the week begin...


Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so pleased there was no animosity. Heck, you've 'done' the journey too and can all relate. OK you have the baby now, but those feelings will all still be in there. PLUS you're perhaps a symbol of hope too? I know that I relished being close to people who'd gone on to having another baby after nasty old PE.

Forgetting your wallet. Sigh. I hope your friend was generous :)