Thursday, May 13, 2010

the weather

I love winter - everything about it. I love gloves, scarves, and boots. I love nice comfort food you generally have in winter (but not the soup....). I love sitting indoors while it is cold and rainy outside, watching movies or reading a good book. But I don't like having to get out of bed early and leave home in it! The weather has changed - suddenly and drastically. Just a short few weeks ago it was so hot. I am relieved, but the change coincided with my return to work, which really sucked!

Unfortunately I think this change has made my boy a little congested, which is probably adding to our night time wake ups... Last night he also coughed a bit more (a dry cough). I hope it does not get any worse. Last night at his bath I also noticed a bit of a rash - so the symptoms could also possibly be related to a measles vaccine we did just over a week ago. Not sure, as the nurse told me that if he has any reaction it would come about 5 days later (and would include the runny nose and rash on chest). The rash only came yesterday (chest and tummy) - which is 10 days later... So now I just hope that it is not "real" measles (apparently at 6 months the vaccine is about 65% effective) as we are having a bit of a problem with that over here at the moment.


Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

Measles :O Oh hon I hope not too!!!

Here the measles vaccine isn't until 15 months - but apparently last year there was an outbreak here and they called in all the kids between 12-15 months and vaccinated them early.

I love winter too. Especially hats :) Rainy days mean no gardening. That's a bonus too :)

Here's hoping your little fella is back to his usual lovely self v v soon.