Thursday, May 6, 2010

a low day

So as I turned onto to highway on my way to work yesterday morning I realised I had forgotten to change my pump site - meaning I would not have enough insulin for my basals for the day as well as breakfast and lunch. Because the rainy weather was already causing a traffic problem I decided I would just fill my prescription at the pharmacy and get some syringes to take my bolusses with. Following breakfast I had a high reading, corrected, and lunchtime things seemed fine. When I got home I was a bit low, corrected with juice while warming my boy's dinner. Still feeling low I had more juice, then got a bit shaky - so more juice. I was so nauseas by this time, and tested at 4.2mmol/l - and my low beforehand was not that low - I think 3.4mmol/l. I had also suspended my pump. Feeling quite crap I continued with my evening chores and ran my bath. Still on suspend. 2 hours following this whole debacle I tested at 2.something - WTF?? So yet more juice. Had dinner, and went to bed shortly after. Woke a couple of hours later - still low! Hate those days when it just does not make any sense at all!

I am enjoying the colder weather at the moment, but not fun leaving home in the mornings. But at least it is nearly Friday again!

Saffy - on the daycare:

The one I ended up choosing only caters for kids up to age 2. They currently only have about 9 kids, with the youngest about 5 months or so. Their ratio is 4 kids to one adult. They will only take a maximum of 12 kids. They have 2 "bedrooms" for sleeping - one for the babies and one for the bigger kids. Each kid has their own cot. It was one of the "smaller" places in terms of number of kids that I looked at. The problem in the end was that nobody tells you that you really should start looking for daycare once that second line appears! So most places taking babies (the nicer ones anyway) generally have waiting lists. Because I had six months leave I thought that would give me enough time to find a place, but it wasn't.... The one I took in the end is new - only started beginning this year, so you could not really speak to many moms who have been using them. But in the end the most important thing to me was the "feeling" I got from the staff, and I felt quite reassured by them that they would take care of my boy very well.


Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for explaining. Nothing like a mother's gut instinct to know if it's a goer. Same here r.e places. I put us on the waiting lists at about 14 weeks (it felt wrong to so before then - ha! little did I know) and I had to nag and nag and nag to get the minx a spot in the one we wanted. Nothing like persistence. I like that your one has separate rooms for the big and lil kids. Our one's like that too. A good plan. What happens when DS turns 2? Do they have an affiliate >2s?

Ah and r.e. the low days. Go figure. I get those too and get so frustrated. It feels like I'm eating all day. I never think to disconnect my pump though. You're much more onto it than me!

Kaitake said... Best Blogger Tips

I just had a couple of days with lows that wouldn't budge. I ate so many fruit bars and drank so much juice, I should have hit the stratosphere! :P Some days are just like that, weird results for no apparent reason...