Thursday, May 20, 2010

sick day

I took my boy to the doctor yesterday after a night of coughing.  turn out the poor dear has tonsillitis and a middle ear infection.  to clear his nose I was given a nasal spray, and for his ears ear drops.  And it has been such a pain trying to get these things in properly!  the first round (well the first nostril and first ear of the first round) went okay, but now the minute he sees it he starts wriggling around and crying.  Poor baby - it cannot be very nice.  I hate nasal sprays, and I am sure drops in your ears aren't that great either!  So the tonsillitis should clear-I hope soon.  I think last night was a little better - but it included a full dose of paracetamol before bed, so that probably helped.

So I am at work, with my boy at the daycare - I think today I will only be here in body.  They will call should he run a temperature or loose his appetite (which would likely mean that the tonsillitis is getting worse).

I am still amazed at how much "things" and life changes once you have a baby.  I knew it would, but did not realise to what extent.  We never really had loads and loads of friends.  My husband's closest friend also had a baby recently, so I guess that friendship will continue the way it has (although at the moment it seems he and I are having a little issue..).  One of my friends does not have any kids and won't be having any - and I am still amazed at how much things have changed.  (although to be honest, sometimes I think I have done something, but not sure what...).  My closest friend (who lives very very far away and I only see every couple of years) also mentioned that now that she has a baby she mainly hangs out with other moms.  I guess that is to be expected - nobody else wants to hear about poop and spit up ;) - although that's not all we talks about.... really.


Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh poor little sweetheart!! :( Ironically I ran into a mom at the store today and her little girl (about your son's age) also had tonsillitis. It's good that the daycare would take him - here he'd be shoo'd away until he recovered.

And yes, things change dramatically don't they? I'm still doing the whole work/not work thing in my head - let alone the bigger picture. A shame that your best friend lives so far away. You could move here and be so much closer :)

Hope he's better v v soon.