Friday, May 14, 2010

it's friday!

But I guess it does not really count for me today, as I am home.  I have just put my boy down for his nap, so wanted to catch up on mails, and do a little bit of work.  It stormed last night, and quite cold this morning.  I have a slight blocked nose (nothing to keep me home really, to be honest it isn't much at all...), and my boy was still a bit congested last night and coughed quite a bit during the night.  So I decided to stay home - maybe try getting some work done in between.

Some girls invited me to the movies tomorrow.  I have not been in ages!  These are some girls I met on a fertility forum.  Sadly not all of them have babies yet.  I have only met one of them in person - and she is now 8 weeks pregnant - yipeee!  So excited for her.  This is her first pregnancy.  Her husband had a vasectomy reversal which unfortunately was not successful.   But they have managed to do TESA (I don't know much about this at all...), and have gotten their BFP (fertility talk for pregnant - big fat positive) from their second fresh IVF with ICSI.  Another's husband is currently on meds, and another is pursuing adoption.  I have not been to the movies in a looooooong time.  And I think it is going to be fun meeting up with some girls for movies and lunch.

But mt immediate plan is to stay in my pajamas all day.


Saffy said... Best Blogger Tips

We pj'd until after 11 today. It felt fabulous. Thankfully the courier came to the door early so I didn't appear to be a complete sloth (but I'm not implying that you are if you stay in yours all day!, it's just he sees me in mine quite frequently).

Nice for you to go out AND meet some of your online buddies IRL.

I hope little fella feels much better v soon.

Enjoy your girls' day out!